Google combating cowboy agencies

Thu 29 July 2010 18:49, Gabriel Goldberg

Google combating cowboy agencies

Google today announced they are changing the rules on how their partner agencies are to be working with AdWords accounts/advertisers. In order to combat non-transparency in Google AdWords account management, Google will force agencies to report all details related to the AdWords campaigns of their client advertisers including cost information.

Google announced today on their blog: "If you work with another company to manage your AdWords campaigns, you should be able to find out how much of your advertising budget (cost) was spent on AdWords, how many times your ads appeared (impressions) and how many times users clicked on your ads (clicks). We’ll include these requirements in our legal terms and agreements starting in February 2011."

Sharon Shafton from Google adds: "Almost all of our third party partners are already providing advertisers with this basic information today, but for those who will need to make changes to their systems, we’re offering six months so that there’s plenty of time to prepare to meet these new requirements. We’ll be working with our partners and sharing more details about the requirements in the coming months."

I believe this is a positive step towards transparency. From my days as Agency Manager @ Google I can still remember those who sell clicks at fixed prices to their customers and I know this is still the case in Belgium. Stay tuned for positive influence of Google here !

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Comments (6)


    • Olivier Lemaire

    I can only agree with this move from Google! It is a relief that Google is taking this position.

    On a similar subject we are still hearing too many stories of advertisers that are loosing all their SE Data following a change of Agency. It has been and is still common practice to hear about cowboy agencies that don't have full transparency with their clients and consider the work they have done for their clients as the agency property while they have been paid by clients to do it!

    Advertisers should only select agencies that provide full transparency about data, share account logins and give the account ownership to their clients.

    Vr 30 jul 2010, 08:11

    • Gabriel

    I agree Olivier. We should never be scared of denouncing these, even in public ! I always tell my client that Google AdWords is totally transparent so my role is to align myself to this approach. And I sincerely believe it can grow a market. G

    Vr 30 jul 2010, 20:16

  • Holy Cowboy! I'm surprised this kind of thing is even still going on.

    I'd compare this to the old days of dodgy magazine / journal publications without an ABC claiming to circulate, whatever, say, 100,000 copies and only print a 1,000 to post their advertisers. Made me laugh.

    Di 10 aug 2010, 14:02

  • I do agree, a little transparency would not hurt their partnership a lot. Its just about the trust you put in for them in giving them their account details.

    Di 31 aug 2010, 02:48

    • Gabriel

    Many more cowboys on the Belgian market. Just found out about another one and filled in a formal complaint to Google. Let's see what the outcome will be.

    Za 2 okt 2010, 21:54

    • Gabriel

    The outcome was positive. This time, Google has taken a position and forced the cowboy agency to change its communication. Positive pressure helps!

    Di 19 okt 2010, 12:41


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