Microsoft monopoly or Google bowling competition?

Wed 28 October 2009 22:30, Dennis Sievers

Microsoft monopoly or Google bowling competition?

Normally I like to write long extensive articles. I like to write about things in search engine land I come across with and how I feel about it. Rewriting quality information is good, and adding more (personal) value to it even better.

But not this post. This post is to fill up your wednesday afternoon and evening, and probably will be of the radar in the morning. This one is not a long article, no true indepth information, no nothing. Its just a plain old point of discussion about two giants in media land. I came to it because of the latest news about Google, the fact they will be launching Google Maps Navigation for Android 2.0. Of course, its a logical step for Google, and I don't blaim them for being successful. What I do find interesting, is that Google keeps entering markets with free products, destroying successful businesses that have been around for a very long time. Think of the newspapers, mortgages, email (wave), office (docs), books, sites, browser, OS (pc & mobile) and now navigation.


But... Microsoft still is considered the monopolist by many. Sure, they are when it comes to their operating system and brower. But they created their own market and mostly stayed within that market, whereas Google is entering existing markets with similar products, offering them mostly for free. 

So, my point of discussion:

"Microsoft is the monopolist, but Google is the one truly misusing its position to dominate a growing number of markets, ruining businesses or complete industries as a result."

How do you feel about it? Feel free to drop your opinion in the comments!

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Comments (8)


    • crome

    Your point of discussion is weak, because you don't give any data to support your case. Which markets does Google dominate exactly? You list email, docs, books, browser, OS, etc., but Google dominates none of those. What (successful) businesses or industries has Google ruined singlehandedly? Newspapers? You don't actually believe that, do you? (I noticed that you gave away your article for free -- you are ruining newspapers, not Google.) There is nothing to discuss here.

    Do 29 okt 2009, 08:22

  • Hi Chrome, thanks for you comment. I know I don't give much data to support my case, because I'm not trying to bring it as a case. I just blurred it out here to see how others feel about this, how others look at the strategy of Google & Microsoft, if you guys think that Google (or MS) is doing things good or bad, etc. Nothing more.

    Its only an opening to a discussion :)

    Do 29 okt 2009, 08:33

  • Well, one day after Google announced Google Maps Navigation, shares of TomTom have dropped over 21%. Thats some serious amount of money flying into the fire.

    Do 29 okt 2009, 15:41

  • Dennis, that was not just because of the Google announcement, TomTom also because TomTom didn't perform to well in the last Quarter and because they are dropping the prices, which makes those at the stockmarket trimble a bit... The Google announcement was only partly responsible for the drop.

    Do 29 okt 2009, 16:12

  • Hi Bas,

    I know i know, the numbers were not positive too ;-)

    Do 29 okt 2009, 20:03

    • crome

    So much for "... Google keeps entering markets with free products, destroying successful businesses that have been around for a very long time." :-) These businesses are perfectly capable of destroying themselves, they don't need Google for that.

    Seriously though, with or without Google, smartphones are going to take a big bite out of the navigation market, that is very clear. TomTom/Garmin's business is changing and they'll have to adapt. Maybe they should introduce ad-supported versions of their navigation products on smartphones or innovate and come up with superior products that are worth the money they are asking for them. I'm sure they would prefer to not have any competition, but for consumers this is great.

    Is Google offering a free navigation product for Android 2.0 the same as Microsoft bundling internet explorer with Windows? The Droid phone isn't even available yet (so there are definitely no monopoly issues here) and the device won't be free. Any bundling will be done by the telcos that sell Android phones, not by Google. If a telco wants to bundle a TomTom navigation product with their Android phone, they are perfectly free to do that. Finally, Android is open source and that provides a level playing field for everybody (unlike Windows).

    I think that a Microsoft vs Apple comparison would be much more interesting, because Apple has an even tighter control over their products and they simply disallow competitors to compete. The day they start bundling their own free navigation application with the iphone, TomTom will be yanked from the market place and that's it.

    Vr 30 okt 2009, 01:21

    • Dampee

    Hi Bas,

    Over the past few months I have been reading more and more articles and comments telling the same. Google is like an oil slick that spreads over the sea. The have an growing range of free products.

    Because the Google products are consumer friendly (simple to use) and feature rich, other big companies (MS) need to gear up innovation, which is in the end a good thing for the users.
    On the other hand, for other smaller companies the change of survival reduces. Why should a customer buy a product, if they can get the Google product for free. It is questionable that users will spend money when the free product becomes better.

    As for your discussion point. What is Google's position? They do have an enormous amount of information about users (ads, analytics, docs, search, ...). I tell always to customers: Information is Knowledge. You can't yet state that Google is misusing it's information. You don't have proof. But Google will need to be carefull about it in the future anyway.

    Ma 2 nov 2009, 11:51


    Za 12 nov 2016, 16:01


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