Google social search launches

Tue 27 October 2009 09:00, Bas van den Beld

Google social search launches

It was an announcement in the 'shadow' of the Twitter deal Google (and Bing) made last week. But it could very well turn out to be the announcement which changes the way we search: Google social search.

Last night the service went live "in beta" or as an "experiment" as Google calls it. If you go to Google experimental you can opt in to try out how it works.

After you've opted in you have to be signed in to Google to get relevant information from the people within your "social circle". This social circle is build up from the information you are giving Google in your Google profile.

Google looks to several social networks to gather the information. Off course you can expect information coming from your Google Reader contacts, your Gtalk-contacts and even your GMail-contacts. But Google also steps out of their 'own circle' giving you information from for example Twitter or Friendfeed.


Google only looks through public data presented in the social networking accounts you added in your Google Profile. Therefore don't expect to get information from Facebook. That information after all isn't made public by Facebook.

The 'circle' Google looks in is deeper than just your friends. If you follow me and I follow someone else, the information of my friends could also be available for you. Google allows you to not only opt in or opt out, but also to change which social network you want to add. What is nice is that you can see in which way you are connected to someone.

The results for now are placed at the bottom of the search results page.

In the videos below Google introduces Google social search.

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  • Nice post!

    We've had 'rich snippets', the twitter search deal last week and now this experiment. Together all little steps towards the long expected path of getting qualitative information in search. We all have less time and even more choices available. When you think of this; what does +45 million results & 76 ads on a search terms like 'Hotel Paris' bring you? Lot's of choices to figure out.

    Then add the information from people like you (taste neighbors) and from your friends, to these results. You can instantly read the sentiment & reviews about a subject, product or service. And so, if executed correctly, easier decision making.

    So as social content is being added to the search results, being on number 1 or in the top 3 of search results isn't doing the trick anymore. If your product or service is good/crap, Google will show it next to your result. That will effect your click-through-rate for sure.

    All SEO-ers should start improving their social skills now (not saying we're a bunch of non-communicative primates ;) ). Even better people throughout the whole company should now, more then ever before, engage in social media. Hopefully most of you are already monitoring your brand and reacting on things that are being said about it. Next step is actually engaging in the field you're an authority in. Start building your brand positively and maximize your search results (would be my strategy).

    Di 27 okt 2009, 18:34


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