SMX London recovered - 17 of the latest stats on Search

Mon 6 July 2009 16:16, Heini van Bergen

SMX London recovered - 17 of the latest stats on Search

Computers were not ment to last. Mine crashed after attending the SMX, so I have some catching up to do on blogposts, therefore this is SMX London recovered.

The first day of SMX London covered lot's of great sessions. One of the most informative one was "Searchscape: Latest stats about the Search Engines".

Speakers during this session were:

Linus Gregoriadis, Research Director, Econsultancy
Richard Gregory, COO, Latitude
Merinda Peppard, Vice President Sales - Europe, Efficient Frontier
Nigel Townend, Business Development Manager, Guava
Bas van den Beld, Chief Editor Searchcowboys, Searchcowboys

Although this session discussed a lot of great facts and figures, I've taken out a list of 17 most remarkable statements.

An overview of the industry

1) 32% of Great-Britain advertisers spend over 100.000 pound on Search, last year 28%

2) Agencies have social more on top of mind than advertiser do

3) Advertisers say they will spend 55% more budget on SEO

4) Facebook is on top in use of social media, Twitter rose from 3% to 49% last year

5) Major barriers to succesfull paid search:

  • Keywords too expensive: 47%
  • Lack of budget: 38%
  • Poorly converting website: 30%
  • Lack of resource: 29%

6) Major barriers to succesfull SEO:

  • Lack of resource: 44%
  • Lack of budget: 31%
  • Difficulty of implementation: 25%
  • Strenght of competition: 24%

Search during the recession

7) 76% of advertisers have changed their budget allocation because of recession

8) 64% of people rely on search within the marketing mix

9) Most effecitve form of marketing during recession is considered SEO by 56%

10) According to Sempo, the search industry needs to:

  • Increase focus on analytics
  • further reseach into holistic search
  • education for senior management

The latest search engines stats

11) Average spend on Google reduced by 4%

12) Google search is down 1,2 % on market share

13) 87% of Efficient Frontier clients budget is spend on Google

Search from a bloggers perspective

14) 400 million Europeans use the internet, 93,89% of them use Google

15) Google market share on mobile search is even more dazzling: 98,21%

16) Social Media is hot, mostly by talking about, not because of revenue

17) Most used European keywords on facebook: "facebook login"

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Comments (7)


  • Nice one for all teh statos out there.

    Some typos on the page :-)

    Ma 6 jul 2009, 17:15

    • Carl

    Then I go and make a typo myself! doh!

    Ma 6 jul 2009, 17:19

  • Could you please share the source for the statistic on Google's share of mobile search?

    Ma 6 jul 2009, 18:16

  • Thanks for the comments guys

    @Carl; could you show me where the typo's are, since English is not my native language

    @Farhad; these numbers where brought up by our own Searchcowboy Bas, maybe he can share some more insights on this.

    Di 7 jul 2009, 08:50

  • Hi Farhad, here are some stats on mobile search share:

    Di 7 jul 2009, 09:09

  • Hmmm.... very interesting.

    @Bas thanks for sharing

    I wouldn't trust these numbers for two reasons:

    1. They haven't provided information about the actual size of the mobile user base they are polling for this data, and more importantly

    2. StatCounter does not have good mobile analytics technology, so their system probably picks up only a fraction of real mobile internet usage, and that too only from a fraction of mobile websites that use StatCounter rather than a proper mobile analytics solution.

    Di 7 jul 2009, 15:24

  • Hi Farhad, I pointed these things out in the presentation. Numbers are sometimes very different from one source to another so you have to be carefull with that. Though this does give a good indication.

    Di 7 jul 2009, 15:43


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