SES New York: a late personal recap

Wed 8 April 2009 14:00, Evert Veldhuijzen

Although it’s a little late, Bas asked me if I can still put a short personal recap of the SES New York. I will not dig into every single session I visited. If you want to have an overview of the sessions, just look  at our twitterstream of the event and our previous posts. Other great resources are the liveblogging posts of Lisa Barone at Outspokenmedia and the Bruce Clay blog.

SES New York: a late personal recap

Pic. 1: Searchcowboys interviewed by the Webmasters on the Roof on Webmasterradio

Twitter was certainly one of the most used words of this year’s SES. Not in the last place, because of the pretty controversial keynote of Guy Kawasaki at the start of the conference. For those who don’t know the subject of his keynote: Guy talked about how to get a lot of followers and especially what kind of methods and tools he uses. Guy Kawasaki is an outstanding presenter and his speech caused a lot of discussions. Is Guy just a spammer or a great marketer?

In my opinion he is a great marketer, but some of the methods and tools he uses are spamtools. Let’s not forget one thing: Twitter is permission based. I chose to follow and if I don’t like the tweets of the person I am following there’s an unfollow button (Guy calls it UFM: UnFollowME).

But… there’s one exception: I cannot send a direct message to people that are not following me, but I can still send them a message that appears as a reply. Unfortunately this function can be abused to send unsolicited messages. Guy called the tool he uses for these purposes , Twitterhawk, “the ultimate spam tool”. And I have to admit…. it is.


Like I said, I don’t want to cover all sessions. Instead I will give you an overview on out Top 10 live tweets from #sesny:

  1. Guy shows and says it's more powerfull than twittercounter :)
  2. Tim Ash: "Your website visitor should design your website"
  3. Jeffrey Eisenberg "Don't test too many things at the same time if you don't have millions of users a month".
  4. This is the third time today speakers warn for long forms and asking too much data in forms!
  5. You should never change your checkout funnel without testing first
  6. If you want to signup for the new interface go to:
  7. You can view the keynote of John over here:
  8. @graywolf: Full feeds allow you to use webscrapers to build links for you
  9. There seems not to be a no Twitter policy, so they probably aren't giving away real secrets. William Blake of Apogee Search starts
  10. @szetela @apogee_search thanks for the retweets. You could have used this example for ASCII code Ads :)

To cut a long story short: SES New York was a great conference!

By the way:  As Twitter was the way to communicate at SES New York: be sure to keep on following Searchcowboys or me ;).

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