Opening keynote SES New York: Guy Kawasaki

Tue 24 March 2009 15:43, Bas van den Beld

Opening keynote SES New York: Guy Kawasaki

The next few days Searchcowboys is covering SES New York, the biggest event in search every year. We are doing both posts and Twitterfeed (follow us at

SES New York 2009 was opened by Kevin Ryan who 'for the first time' did something personal at a conference: his parents are here and married for 40 years. A round of applause was given.

He then introduces the first keynote speaker: Guy Kwasaki. Kawasaki talked about how to use Twitter for marketing purposes. A presentation which opened many eyes and stirred up some conversation on Twitter.

Guy Kawasaki started by presenting the Web evolution: Ice 1.0 was website, Ice 2.0 are blogs, Ice 3.0 is twitter.

He then gave us ten tips on how to use Twitter:

1 Forget the A-list
Fundamentaly what will make your company is not the A-list. He doesn't believe the A-list is leading anymore. Twitter should be bubble up.


2: Defocus and Get lots of followers
He doesn't believe about getting those close to you. He thinks its about big numbers.
Kawasaki gave us some tips on how to get a lot of followers:
- automatically follow everybody who follows you. He uses SocialToo. He thinks its arrogant not to follow back. He follows more people than follow him.
 Also he wants to give people the chance to DM him. He doesn't look at the stream, only at the @'s and DM's.
- Measure quality of your tweets: uses Retweetist to see how many time he got retweetet. Consider the number of retweets as the most important message
- Shows us Twittercounter. It's important to get in the suggested list of Twitter, but he doesn't know how to get in this list.

3: Send links
It's important to give interesting links to your followers. He therefore uses a couple of tools:
- uses stumbleupon to find interesting links.
- off course uses all top.
- Uses adjix to post his link-tweets. Also allows him to track his links. Comes with ads, but he has turned that off. You can also schedule the tweets.

4. Monitor
Uses Twittersearch with his name OR alltop. Watches this timeline.

5. Copy
Figure out who to copy.
Twibs is a site which follows companies on Twitter.You there can find examples of companies you can copy. Example of comcastcares. It really works, if you say something bad he pickes it up and will contact you.

6. Search
- Starts with Twittersearch. Search for company name. Use advanced search. scion near:10019 within:100mi. You can really target specific audience
- Tweetdeck: you can put in the search, make columns etcetera. bad: you can only twitter in one account.
- therefore he uses Twhirl because he there can handle more accounts

7. Learn to work in groups: the world works in groups
- Cotweet: a webbased tool where you can handle multiple accounts and multiple people. Still under beta, but very powerful. Built for a scenario where a company uses twitter and multiple people have to use it.
- one line of javascript which you add to your site. If somebody copy/pastes it it ads a line "read more at" with a link to the original source. The tool also gives you analytics.

8. Squeeze the trigger
You have to want to 'trigger' Twitter. With Twitterhawk you can automaticcaly tweet searches. It's the 'ultimate spamming tool'. It cost you a nickle (10 cents) for every tweet. It's a powerful searchtool which you can use which is very usefull for spammers or those who work with automated accounts.

9. Make it easy to share
Kawasaki says as a website owner you have to have a 'share'button with 'share on facebook' and 'share on Twitter'.
He advices twitterfeed: put a RSS feed in my tweets automatically. Not only your own, but also those of others. He made an adittion to have people sign up to automatically tweet the feed of his Alltop-blog.

10. You have to be willing to take the heat
If your using Twitter like this you have to be able to take the heat, you will get a lot of criticism. He created the term "UFM": UnFollowME. If somebody doesn't like what you tweet, just send him a message saying "UFM".

Then shows us what kind of 'heat' he takes. His attitude: if its done by me it's marketing, if its done  TO him its spam.

We'll update this post soon with links given by Kawasaki!

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  • thanks for transcribing this, glad to hear Guy quoted Twhirl!

    Di 24 mrt 2009, 16:14

  • thanks for transcribing this, glad to hear Guy quoted Twhirl!

    Di 24 mrt 2009, 16:14

    • Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten
    • [website]

    Guy seems to be a happy TwitterCounter user. He keeps mentioning it everywhere! :-)

    Di 24 mrt 2009, 16:38


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