Social Media Optimization - SES London 2009

Thu 19 February 2009 17:41, Philippe Schaillée

Social Media Optimization - SES London 2009

Everyone's on the Social networks. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and MySpace have become household names.

More and more businesses want to experiment with Social Media and this session is all about tapping into this in an appropriate manner. Matthew McGowan of Incisive Media presents Liana Evans, Director of Internet Marketing for KeyRelevance, Lisa Ditlefsen, Director of VerveSearch and founder of SEO Chicks, Jennifer Evans Laycock, Editor-in-Chief of Search Engine Guide and Krista Neher, CEO of Marketess.

A female panel... is Social Media for Girls? Liana Evans points out the importance of doing extensive research and planning your Social Media strategy.

Social Media is not about you or your brand. It's all about the conversation! Because there's no immediate or measurable ROI you have to set your goals for each network.

Jennifer advises not to use the newest, latest and hippest Social Network in cyberspace. It's better and more profitable to start out with the most popular.

Her advice is to use :

  • Flickr - join groups to find your target users
  • Twitter - use the power of a retweet
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

According to Lisa the use of Social Media is equal to Online PR. Her advice is to set your goals and also to use Press Releases, Online Reputation Management, content syndication and Linkbaiting as part of your Social Media strategy.

There has to be a flawless collaboration between the creative team, the programmers and the search team in order to succeed.


You should communicate with bloggers in your niche, tweeters and networkers. Some of the best results are achieved with Stumble Upon.

Krista tells us about the same as the other panel members and gives an example about a blogger that was rewarded by a company for his article... As a business you must know everything about the buzz around your brand.


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Comments (12)


  • Hi Phillipe,

    No Social Media is not for girls, funny how someone always comments if its a female only panel. Yet 50% at least of the panels at SES were male only. No one asks is SEO only for guys.

    You should have introduced yourself, didn't actually meet any of my fellow searchcowboys at SES :(

    Za 21 feb 2009, 18:25

  • Hi Lisa,

    No pun intended ;-)
    Actually this was the best session I attended.

    Did try to introduce myself but seems you are always surrounded by a crowd of fans.

    Also wish to congratulate you with new born !

    Ma 23 feb 2009, 09:59

  • thank you Phillippe. Shame we didn't get to meet, next time you just have to say "cowboy coming through" =) In fact I think searchcowboys should have badges saying "searchcowboy" for the next conference as most of us have actually never met =)

    Ma 23 feb 2009, 23:55

  • Lisa, I'll arrange some t-shirts and cowboy hats ;)

    Di 24 feb 2009, 10:31

  • ha ha! I was thinking more of a "Searchcowboys" badge. But t-shirts would be cool as well. Make sure you get womens shirts as well and not just the bog standart straight t-shirts. Chicks don't digg that.

    I recommend (although i think they have a specific European site as well)

    We used them for the SEO Chicks t-shirts.

    Di 24 feb 2009, 13:21

  • Maybe we just need to arrange party for cowboys soon! ;-)

    Di 24 feb 2009, 16:38

  • Yihaaaa

    Great idea Dennis!

    Di 24 feb 2009, 17:07

  • We're planning that, probably around A4Uexpo Amsterdam :)

    Di 24 feb 2009, 17:18

  • Jon, next time you will surely meet the bloggers! Next opportunity will probably be SES Amsterdam or A4Uexpo or SES New York?

    Wo 25 feb 2009, 22:25

  • Thanks for this...just found you site. Would live to have gone to SES London, but a little pricey for me as a freelancer :(

    Do 5 mrt 2009, 21:13

  • Hi Gareth, we cover all the major events so you found the right site ;)

    Do 5 mrt 2009, 21:16

  • Thanks for this...just found you site. Would live to have gone to SES London, but a little pricey for me as a freelancer.

    Do 24 sep 2009, 10:45


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