Brand & Reputation Management - SES London 2009

Thu 19 February 2009 15:48, Philippe Schaillée

Brand & Reputation Management - SES London 2009

Brand & Reputation Management is becoming more and more important for website owners. The downside to Social Media is that everyone, including your competitors, can ruin your reputation with a simple negative blogpost, an embarrassing clip on YouTube or a picture on Flickr.

In order not to loose customers and their money fast action is required... but how does it work ?

Richard Zwicky, CEO of Enquisite moderates this session.

The speakers are David Snyder, co-founder of Search & Social, David Naylor, CEO of Bronco and Mikkel deMib Svendsen, creative director of

Dave Snyder says Online Reputation Managements is all about creating content and pushing these articles on social media sites.


While writing these articles, keep in mind that it fits your publishing platform. Content for Digg is completely different than content for Reddit, Twitter or Stumble Upon. Building a valuable network of followers on Social Media Sites can take years and demands a lot of work.

There is a dark side to Online Reputation Management. Competitors can use Online Reputation Management to destroy your reputation... and vice versa ;-). He finished saying Digg has the power to put you on CNN.

David Naylor states that Online Brand Management is part of the Search Engine Marketing proces because consumers now do online research prior to their purchase.

How do you track your online reputation?
Well configure Google Alerts to track your brand name, your company name, the names of key employees and your products' names. Also regulary check the SERP's and Local Search results for the above.

According to Mikkel deMib Svendsen the search engines don't discriminate. Everybody has the power to get high rankings.


Reasons why you should use Brand Reputation Management for your site :

  • your reputation is damaged by a rumour in the media that later appears not to be true. The media however don't mention the rumour was false.
  • an angry customers ranks high in the SERP's
  • there's a parody on your campaign
  • embarrassing pictures, movies or blogpost about yourself appear in the SERP's

You can try to fight this legally but don't call your lawyer first. They often make things worse. The best strategy is to contact the owner of the site and try to solve the issue.

In case this doesn't work there are some strategies to consider :

  • report the page to Google in order to have it removed from the index
  • hack their server (we strongly recommend you not to but it has been done)
  • make a positive page on the same site score better
  • push down the critical site

Mikkel ends with an excellent tip : Twitter is the most effective tool for online reputation research... I couldn't agree more.


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