Measuring Success in a 2.0 World: SES 2009

Tue 17 February 2009 19:29, Edwin Kersten

This is the second blogpost for Search Engine Strategies 2009 in Londen and what an interesting panel this was. Moderated by Mike Grehan of Acronym Media this panel explores classic and cutting-edge techniques to measuring the success of your online campaigns. We have listened to 4 speakers this time in a great discussion about measuring the success of your web2.0 websites.

Measuring Success in a 2.0 World: SES 2009

Richard Zwicky, Founder & CEO at Enquisite managed and led the optimization campaigns for web properties ranging from SOHOs to Fortune 500 sites. He wants to remind us about...

- Surveys are a very impotant piece of data gathering in understanding the views of visitors
- We are so often measuring data with insufficiënt tools
- Know what to measure and use the correct tools
- It is extremely hard to measure all the different factors of the website which contribute to the sales - Google analytics is the one-size-fits-all; the jack of all trades

Miles Bennet, Director of TargetStone Limited. Miles is an experienced web analyst with some of the biggest names in the FTSE 100 as his clients. Miles says that it´s …

- All about the tools and the applications modifying theirselves to accomodate your needs
- Webanalytics as data is extremely nescessary to measure the 2.0 world

John Middlebrook, Global Director of Web and Creative Design Strategy at Allegis Group, Inc. manages both strategic and day to day operations for the Allegis Group staffing companies' web site entities. John tells us that …

- Maybe people just trust Google Analytics this much because the graphs are really good

John Marshall is Market Motive’s CTO and visionary for curriculum, teaching, and technical strategy. John brings an excellent track record of teaching to Market Motive and regularly speaks on the topic of web analytics, conversion techniques, and marketing and has some interesting points...


- If i is important how people perceive your branche then it is important to measure this
- Somehow you need to bring all channels together or you will never be able to see the full picture
- Research how search influence the KPI´s directly or indirectly

All in all this was a great panel with lots of interesting idea's and they gave us some good tips on determining your KPI´s...

There is no one-shoe-fits-all, test test test test
- Start to figure out what you do online.. measure that
- Be very clear about your objectives of the websites
- What are the indicators of succes of your business, and how can you measure this
- Why exactly do you have a website for

If you ask yourself those questions you will have a nice basis for your KPI´s


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