SEO : Where to next? - SES London 2009

Wed 18 February 2009 10:00, Philippe Schaillée

SEO : Where to next? - SES London 2009

The second Orion Panel of Search Engine Strategies London 2009 is quite impressive. Moderator Mike Grehan presents the crême de la crême of Search Professionals. On stage Kevin Ryan, Ranbd Fishkin, Brett Tabke, Chris Sherman and Jill Whalen are gathered.

The panel talked about the future of SEO. Where are we heading?


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To start of with a short introduction of the search professionals:

Kevin Ryan, founder of strategic consulting firm Motivity Marketing is known throughout the world as an interactive marketing thought leader, particularly in the search marketing arena.

Rand Fishkin, the wizard of Moz wears yellow shoes and travels the world.

Brett Tabke is the founder of WebmasterWorld, an online search engine and internet marketing forum that often receives over 1 million pageviews per day.

Chris Sherman, Executive Editor of Search Engine Land unfortunately holds a master's degree in Interactive Educational Technology from Stanford University... check out the links ;-)

Jill Whalen, CEO of High Rankings is a professional SEO consultant since 1995!

Unfortunately no Wifi is available in the main hall, making it impossible for us to cover this session live. Howver we gathered some very interesting and remakable quotes of the session for you:


Moderator: Mike Grehan

  • Why are we doing the free labour for search engines... why don't they just optimize the code?
  • Sometimes one great link is more powerful than 500 links from crappy directories
  • Natural links are a byproduct of good marketing

Brett Tabke

  • User generated content has had a great impact
  • Social media is becoming a defacto recommendation engine
  • Sooner or later Google will figure out how to stop the spam

Chris Sherman

  • Google emerged and became succesfull because search engines in those days didnt do their work
  • Content will continue to be king
  • SEO is PR

Jill Whalen

  • The webdevelopers that create websites that can't be found are the ones keeping us in business
  • Links are all about quality... not quantity
  • We should help the search engines make the internet better
  • IT and Marketing departments need to start working together
  • Search Google for a limousine service in Boston. Call all companies from the top 10 results... you will notice the phone is answered by the same recepionist

Rand Fishkin

  • Linkbuilding is its own product, great linkbuilding is not always tied to good marketing, it has its own subset
  • Search engines have a problem that they are so subceptable to linkbuilding
  • Unfortunately high ranking sites are not always quality
  • Is a crawler the right approach to find all of the web ? Look at Naver
  • Vertical search engines most of the times do not follow the clasic SEO techniques
  • Local search optimization is its own game now
  • Blackhats are pushing the forefront of technology
  • The boundry pushing gets you there
  • Be the answer to the query before the query is made and people stop going to Google but directly to you
  • Working with video is an SEO's job
  • Participate to get the benefits
  • On the Internet you CAN bring a knife to a gun fight

Kevin Ryan

  • People are desperate for attention, so they love helping the big guys
  • If you figure out how to bait them they will link to you
  • Just because you can, it doesnt mean you should
  • Huge involvement of Google in the Government of the U.S.A. and the U.K. is a new trend


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