Multichannel 2013 Utrecht

Thu 25 April 2013 12:00, Seema Sanghavi

So yesterday I attended Multichannel 2013 in Utrecht. The conference was a 2 day affair full of various sessions on topics ranging from mobile marketing to gamification. Unfortunately, you can’t attend all the sessions as several happen at the same time and many overlap. Because of the abundance of sessions, it took some time for me to decide which ones to attend. By the end of the day, I had heard all about marketing trends for 2013, the future of field marketing, how to keep customers loyal in a B2C environment and trends on consumers researching online but buying offline.

Multichannel 2013 Utrecht

The day started off with a fitting session on marketing trends for the year. The session was presented by Berenshot, a Dutch consulting firm. During the session the company talked about how they conducted research via a Twitter poll to find the top trends of the year. In summary, they found that the top trend was the focus on the customer via marketing communication channels in order to establish a tight relationship. The session also talked in depth about trends in the use of social media, innovation and mobile marketing and how different industries were affected.


The second session was all about the future of field marketing and how it is still alive and well. Although this type of marketing has changed over the years, it now integrates some online components to make it successful with today’s consumers. One fact that was pointed out was how in the past, field marketing only impacted those who where directly involved in the interaction or witnessed it firsthand. Today with the use of social media and YouTube, many people can now be targeted with field marketing efforts regardless of their location. We watched many videos of examples of great field marketing initiatives, including one by Coca Cola. Additionally, a new company that was highlighted in the session for its innovative way of conducting field marketing research was Gigwalk. One of Gigwalk’s co-founder is  LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman. The premise of the company is to connects businesses to an on-demand, tech-savvy mobile workforce who get paid to use their iPhone to collect, capture and report real-world data while going about their everyday activities. Currently the company is only active in some cities in the USA but is growing. The session was hosted by Pepperminds, a Dutch marketing agency focusing on field marketing events.

Another session I attended was on how to use gamification to increase customer loyalty. The session was hosted by a German company named For You and Your Customers. They work with companies to develop multichannel experiences and to improve efficiency in handling the interrelationships between channels, processes and systems. The main message of the session was that in today world there are so many touch points in the buying process for consumers and at each touch point, there are several companies competing for their attention. Gamification can be used near the end of the buying process to further encourage a sale and build loyalty.

All in all it was a good day at Multichannel 2013. There was a large amount of sessions to choose from hosted by knowledgeable presenters representing various companies in the online marketing world. The only downfall to the event was not being able to attend all the sessions I wanted. Did you attend as well? What did you take from the event?






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