Next week: eComm Amsterdam

Fri 23 October 2009 09:01, Editors

Next week: eComm Amsterdam

Next week in Amsterdam a three day conference, eComm, starts about the future of Telecom, Mobile & Internet Communications. This very broad event also hosts a couple of interesting search related topics, including the Google Wave team.

The Emerging Communications (eComm) Conference & Awards was originally created to promote and accelerate communications innovation. By getting the innovating people together they hoped to stir things up.

Next week in Amsterdam is the European version of the conference which is also held in San Francisco in March. A quick look at the schedule shows some interesting topics:

Power to The People - Time to Seize Power
Norman Lewis, Founding Partner of Open-Knowledge UK will talk about leveraging the power of the network to reinvent the communications company for the 21st Century - collective action to determine pricing and service innovation.

How the "Internet of Things" will Change the Way we Connect
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, CEO and Co-Founder of will try to uncover some of the hidden opportunities and ethical questions that go hand in hand with a world that is "connected" to us on every level, through paradigms of "the internet of things".

How the Mobile Phone is Changing your Reality Forever
Claire Boonstra, Co-Founder of Layar will talk about Augmented reality, a peek in the future. Augmented Reality is by some regarded to be the search engine of the future.

Rise of the Social Web
Daniel Appelquist, Senior Researcher/Technology Strategist of Vodafone will draw a picture of the changing landscape of social media across Web and Mobile and a map of the various industry and community efforts involved.

Why Should You Care About Google Wave?
The Google Wave team comes to Amsterdam to talk about their product, what can you do with it, why should you care? Lars Rasmussen himself makes an appearance.

The cowboy team will be present at the event to do some reporting on it. If you want to go yourself you can still register.

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