A4uexpo: Strategies To Earn More From Paid Search

Mon 19 October 2009 10:00, Evert Veldhuijzen

Sri Sharma is one of the most famous PPC affiliates in Europe. Turning his agency Net Media Planet from super PPC affiliate into a paid search agency, which charges his clients on a performance basis, he's now generating client revenues of over £80 million annually.

So actually I was pretty keen on his presentation "Strategies To Earn More From Your Affiliate Paid Search Campaign".

Sri talked about four subjects: how to improve the quality of your traffic, how to increase conversions, how to reduce the costs, how to increase commissions.

A4uexpo: Strategies To Earn More From Paid Search

Improve the quality of your traffic

When you want to improve the quality of your traffic you should find new keywords. The first thing you have to do is brainstorm with your team and use Google sets as a tool to support this process. Besides that you could use tools like Keyword Discovery or the Google SK tool. Have also a look at your competitor's keywords, using tools like Google Trends together with the Google Keyword Tool, PPC Bully or Spyfu.

Another important strategy to optimize your campaigns is reducing the reliance on broad and phrase matches. Look at the search query report to find the bad keywords and take a look on your affiliate sales report on keyword level.

Extend your keyword lists using tools like rapid keywords, SEO Book keyword list generator, revenuewire keyword manager and fat fingers-ebay tipos.

Add negative keywords. You can find them looking at the Google Adwords Search Query. If you have a commercial key use MSN adlabs commercial intention tool too.

Increase conversions


First thing Sri suggests is to read Sitetuners' book on Landing Page Optimization and start running multivariate tests. 

Other strategies are day parting, geo targeting and also try demographical targeting. He considers to ask the merchant for demographic details of the purchasers or use the MSN Adlabs demographic tool.

It's very important to stay up with the merchant and the competition. So as a PPC affiliate you should synchronize with your merchant's promotions, with other marketing channels and with fast changing markets. You could use Google Alerts or Yahoo Pipes to get informed about new facts.

Use ad copy to stand out from your competitors, try changing your ad copy (pricing, promotion etc.) and optimize your PPC campaigns for special occasions like public holidays. 

How to reduce the costs of your campaigns?

First of all you should try to drive down your CPC. Keep a tight granular structure and reduce expensive broad and phrase match keys. Be relevant to your user!

To save time you can use Adwords Editor and use the Google Adwords campaigns for Yahoo and MSN too.

How can you increase commissions?

Sri finishes his presentation with four tips to increase the commissions:

- Drive results, it builds credibility
- Communicate with your merchants and network. Great communication means more sales
- Simple proposals for bonus incentives
- Be innovative!

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