Top 10 Quotes – A4UExpo Hall of Fame

Thu 15 October 2009 14:00, Sam Murray

Top 10 Quotes – A4UExpo Hall of Fame

The A4U Expo was in my opinion a big success, well organised, great speakers and some really good sessions. There have been tweets demanding the top 10 quote list be published so sit back and enjoy some real classics. 


Please add any other quotes that you think to deserve to be in here that I might have missed or tell us which one was your favourite!

Comments will decide the winner!

*Drum roll please... So without further delay, in no particular order here are the top 10 quotes from the A4U Expo.

1. “Plenty of Google staff in here so don’t blame me when they r@pe your arse for it”

- Dave Naylor in reference to showing the Flickr follow link method (don't get excited they have disabled this feature now apparently).

2. Audience Member: “How do you get around having a FR domain when you have to set up a     business in France before they legally let you obtain the domain?”

Dave Naylor: “What you need to do...” 

Cue people beginning to take out their notepads and pen to jot down Dave Naylor’s secret...

Dave Naylor: “is find a man named François and get him to buy one for you. (In full French accent) oui monsier, you want to buy ze domain”

3. “Just don’t be a cock”

- Lisa Myers in reference to bad practise for link building

4. “Hash tags are only used for dead celebrities”

- Dom Hodge discussing trending topics in Twitter


5. “Dave Naylor helped me expose myself”

- Our very own Search Cowboys chief editor Bas Van Den Beld in reference to... I don’t know what! 

6. “One man’s spam is another man’s ham”

- Dave Naylor discussing linking tactics


7. “There is life in the old dog yet”

- Ciaran Norris in reference to his nan (don’t ask me how this was brought up!)

8. “I travelled 165 miles to give a lady I don’t know a bagel”

- Dom Hodge reminisces about his Twitter exploits


9. “The boy that ate his own head”

- Lyndon Antcliff in reference to how headlines can grab people’s attention

10. “Is he dead? Someone get that squirrel some water”

- John Myers after the Conversion Rate Expert squirrel sat motionless for a whole hour



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Comments (11)


  • "Facebook is going to be big" Sri Sharma in the meet the super aff session yesterday afternoon

    Do 15 okt 2009, 14:12

  • If Al Carlton and Keith Bond had a love child who would it be (at the pre-show party).

    Video at

    Good to see everyone again!!

    Do 15 okt 2009, 14:18

  • @greg I completely forgot about that one! That should really have been in there!

    @ thanks for the comment Jim, love the video!

    Do 15 okt 2009, 14:27

  • Glad you managed to get your list done, sorry I couldn't help further on Nadeem's classic quote. I've linked to this from my own review, thanks again Sam :)

    Do 15 okt 2009, 14:36

  • I just can't not go for François, really did make me chuckle - esp with the google guys sitting on the front row.

    Great work btw Sam documenting these, when put on the spot I couldn't remember half.

    Do 15 okt 2009, 15:24

  • Marcus Tandler telling the audience how he might have said a bit too much to a Googler when the Googler bought him a beer was fun also :)

    Do 15 okt 2009, 16:13

  • Great list Sam and thanks for the include in the top 10!Glad to say no squirrels were harmed over the 2 days at A4UExpo!

    Do 15 okt 2009, 16:16

  • I agree with @nick & think the François comment by Dave Naylor stole the show and it would get my vote for #1

    @geoff no worries mate, shame i wasn’t there to hear it for myself.
    @Bas your quote would definitely go straight into second place! That was classic.

    @ jon, thankshow could you not get a mention after moderating nearly ALL of the sessions!

    Do 15 okt 2009, 16:49

  • I forgot a late one from Angus Hanton, "I've got balls... balls dot co dot uk"

    Do 15 okt 2009, 17:30

  • Great quotes there, several of which I didn't hear live. Here's 2 more that made me laugh...

    1) From Nadeem Azam when talking about one of his '12 biggest affiliate marketing mistakes' on day 1 :
    'I climbed a hill and took photos of Sylvia Plath's grave for a newsletter. What did it make me? 75p from Amazon.'
    (Mistake being to do too much work in exchange for very low commissions).

    2) Tweet from Graham Keen of Buyagift: '#a4uexpo help i'm stuck in the toilet. Can somebody get me out?'
    I heard rumours that security were sent to look for him just in case it was true (it wasn't).

    Do 15 okt 2009, 23:39


    Do 18 jun 2015, 05:06


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