Beyond Link Bait: Getting Authorative Mentions Online

Wed 14 October 2009 16:25, Sam Murray

Beyond Link Bait: Getting Authorative Mentions Online

Love it or hate it, link bait is successful.  Link building is crucial; however, link-bait tactics that worked this year may not be as effective next year. This session explained what we should be currently looking at in regards to link development.


The three panellists all approached this session very differently which was good as speakers did not cover the same issues. I have added their twitter accounts so you can approach them if you have any further questions. Kelvin Newman kicked off the session and devoted his session to the importance of backlink analysis. He said, and I completely agree, that this method of link development is “more the nuts and bolts of link development, not as cool as link bait and does not get the attention it deserves” Link analysis should be incorporated in a campaign and is often overlooked. I love quotes and Kelvin rolled out a classic in regards to the background research of link analysis:

“Copy from one person is plagiarism but copying from two people is research”

Two tools that can help with this process are Linkscape and Majestic which have both received very positive responses.  Majestic now boasts over a trillion links within its database which is amazing and utilising both these resources properly can result in a formulated list of potential link targets.  Lisa Myers stressed the importance of not wasting time in approaching websites where the chance of obtaining a link is low. Dedicate your time to prioritising the value of links and the likelihood of achieving a backlink.

One piece of advice that I think a lot of link builders could benefit from is instead of creating bulk emails to send out to link targets think about ringing them. This method is more credible and Kelvin feels it increases the actual conversion rate of link requests. Most importantly, it allows you not only to build links but relationships. Lisa went on to say that building relationships with the 'linkerati' is very important when aiming to succeed. Communicating with buzz builders, tweet peeps and the hardcore networkers and building a rapport with them can get you a lot of link love in the future, so start sending flowers.

Additionally, Lisa Myers discussed how important the tone of voice is when approaching link targets.  You should study the language used within the content of the site and spend time finding the most appropriate contact rather than just sending an email to info@ I have a lot of previous experience in link building and this is one of the strongest points made in the session so I hope people paid attention. 

Link bait was also discussed in a lot of detail by Lisa Myers, emphasising that people should not get hung up with the power of social media.  It is not social media that will determine the success of a campaign but the CONCEPT. You need to think about the angle and make it unique and the power of social media will help it spread. 

Lastly but not at all least, Mr Dixon Jones stepped up to the plate and knocked the ball out the park with a presentation about link reclamation. An area that has not been discussed openly before is ‘Link Reclamation’, where a lot of websites build links over time and the power of the older pages are lost due to broken links and poor site architecture. Majestic SEO allows you to obtain link data and get the value and link juice back to your site to improve its domain authority. Within Majestic SEO you get the option to export all the URLs with links, remembering to remove the dead links, and then put this through a http response header checker to further filter your results. 

I know this post is getting pretty long so finally I want to finish on the best Q&A’s.

Kelvin Newman: “Anyone that don’t believe the value of buying links is mad but anyone who does not understand the risk of it is crazy” 

Question: “What are your thoughts on buying links?”

Dixon Jones: “Let me ask you a question, is it wrong of a4uexpo to offer free press passes”

Touché Mr Jones, touché...

 * crediting for the great linkbait picture.


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