a4uexpo London "Strategies to make a splash in SEO"

Tue 13 October 2009 20:00, Evert Veldhuijzen

a4uexpo London "Strategies to make a splash in SEO"

Dave Naylor kicked off this year's A4uexpo with a session called "Strategies to make a splash in SEO". The description in the a4uexpo guide, which again has become a great looking conference guide, created some high expections: "Dave will uncover some hot, new and innovative SEO strategies for both on-site and off-site SEO. You'll be able to use these strategies to instantly give you a fighting chance against grandfathered competition within the SERPS". Wow, that’s a room-filler!

Well, to cut a long story short, Dave of course didn't give away some secret hot seo tips, that give you the instant boost to dominate the rankings. But what he did was a solid presentation starting with basics (what skills do you need, how to learn SEO etc.) and finishing with 10 link building tips:

1) Networking – get good contacts in your industry and use them

2) Linkbait (write something useful or funny, breaking news)

3) Directory submission (not very useful anymore, but great for creating some smoke to hide other link)

4) Competitor analysis

5) Press coverage (in this part Dave also expressed his fear that exploitation (Twitter exploit, WP hacks) will be the futur

6) Article submissions (it takes time to write an article, so write an article and spin it: it will make 20 - 30 articles)

7) Link buying ("don't buy from Link Brokers! Don't think Link Brokers are your friends. They are no

8) Anchor text: When linking two times to the same page only the anchor text of the first link counts, the second will only pass Pagerank.

9) Best type of links: the ones your competitor can't get!

10) Put a Wordpress Blog on a subdomain.

Again it was a good session, with an amazingly „white“ Dave Naylor, who turned into the good old naughty boy in the next session. But you can read about that in Louis’ Post!

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