A4U Expo interview series: Joanna Butler

Mon 12 October 2009 14:47, Jon Myers

A4U Expo interview series: Joanna Butler

In the series of interviews going up to A4UExpo we are today talking to some of the women speakers at the search panel. Bas van den Beld and Jon Myers discuss the search- sessions with several speakers.

In this interview we talk to Joanna Butler, who is a search consultant at Latitude.

Listen to the podcast here

Could you tell us who you are?
I'm an SEO and online marketing consultant currently based in London. I've had an unhealthy addiction to the Internet that began aged 14 and lead to web designing and developing within a development team for a mobile phone ecommerce company. It was here that my experience began in developing a robust, SEO friendly CMS and tweaking / enhancing areas of the site in response to my own web analytics studies in order to maximise conversions. I'm now immersed in the world of SEO and web analytics, working for clients that range from blue chip companies to SMEs, consulting and advising on exciting online marketing strategies.

What will your session be about at A4U Expo and what will you be talking about in specific?
My session is on web analytics on Day 2 and is called "Barriers to Conversion & Discovering Untapped Opportunies With Analytics". Together with Lisa Myers and Will Critchlow, we'll be discussing the best entry points to approaching the overwhelming amount of data that web analytics provides, and showing you great ways to harness the power that is held within it through tracking techniques, conversion optimisation and tactics to give you a competitive edge.

What is the link between SEO and affiliates for you? Who needs who?
SEO and affiliate marketing go hand in hand, but neither should be viewed as standalone. If the latest updates to Google's algorithms are anything go by, it's that a holistic online marketing strategy is needed to cover all bases and make the most of all online channels. Each channel feeds off- and boosts one another. A great starting point for creating a killer online marketing strategy is to take a look at web analytics; setting up a simple A/B test could open your eyes to a whole new world of ideas or niche markets.

What makes A4U Expo a conference you want to be speaking at?
The people. There are so many well-respected names both speaking and attending. I feel incredibly honoured to have the chance to be on the speakers list amongst them. With such a wealth of experience under one roof at A4U Expo, the value of the conference goes well beyond the ticket price. The networking and relationships forged at events like these can lead to many new exciting avenues. It's an experience that would be a crime to miss!

Why should we visit your session?
With not one, but three analytics experts, delegates will get the benefit of a wide range of experience and backgrounds. Web analytics can be used in many ways and discovering new approaches to it and avenues for research, testing or optimisation is one of the keys to success. You'll leave with bags of new ideas to boost conversions and just one small test could save you or make you a lot of money!

Which other session will you be visiting and believe that others should?
A few sessions I would love to see are: Affiliate Doctors panel, Beyond Linkbait, Social Media with Dom and Mel, Extreme SEO Debate, 'Productization' for Fun and Profit... there are so many great talks it will no doubt be hard to choose which to go to! But those provide a nice selection of topics, with plenty for affiliate marketing, SEO, social media and more.

Joanna Butler can be found on her website or on Twitter.

The series can also be followed on iTunes

In the series we also talked to:

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Christoph Cemper

Dixon Jones

Lyndon Antcliff

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