A4U Expo interview series: Lyndon Antcliff

Fri 9 October 2009 09:00, Jon Myers

A4U Expo interview series: Lyndon Antcliff

Getting closer to the A4U Expo all speakers are getting excited about their sessions. A4U has gathered a group of very interesting speakers on the different search panels. Bas van den Beld and Jon Myers discuss the search- sessions with several speakers. This morning we talk to Lyndon Antcliff.

Lyndon is the owner of Cornwall SEO and will be speaking on the Extreme linkbuilding panel.

Listen to the podcast here

Could you tell us who you are?
My name is Lyndon Antcliff and I have been in the business of marketing websites for about 11 years now. Previous to that I was a creative writer for about 20 years. My current focus is creating content that helps build links and also succeeds on social media. I also train people in social media marketing. I live in Cornwall with my family and never spend enough time at the beach.

What will your session be about at A4U Expo and will you be talking about in specific?
I will be talking about how to use content to build links  (sometimes called linkbait) in the Killer Link building session. My focus will be on building content for links in competitive areas, giving affiliates an edge over their competitors.

What is the link between SEO and affiliates for you? Who needs who?
For me it's linkbuilding, it's something both SEO's and affiliates need. Affiliates are well versed in SEO techniques, but could still improve their site content. A content creator with an extensive understanding of how SEO works is absolutely something that is of use for affiliates. Add a social media network to that and you have a finely tuned linkbuilding machine. It's impossible to be successful in this business and not outsource, I know I have asked certain affiliates to help me with specific tasks. Affiliates wear a different thinking hat to SEO's and so there is always something an SEO can learn from an affiliate.

What makes A4U Expo a conference you want to be speaking at?
I heard the food was good.

Seriously, speaking at a conference like A4U Expo means I get to mix and network with some very smart people, and although I think I have something interesting to share in my presentation, I expect to learn a huge amount from  meeting and talking to some very smart people. Plus, I like the fact that this is a British production for the British market.

Why should we visit your session?
If you are into link building this is a session not to miss. The other guys on the panel represent some of the best minds on link building today and I will definitely be listening to what they have to say. If you are looking for help with creating content to develop back links I have a few interesting insights that should give you the edge over your competitors.

Which other session will you be visiting and believe that others should?
There are some of the best minds in online marketing speaking at the conference and I will be trying to go to as many as possible. Presentations not to miss are Kelvin Newman, David Naylor, Ben Jesson, Chris Garrett and many others I would like to mention but trying to keep this short.

If I had to pick one it would be Dave Naylor, he's the SEO the expert SEO's go to when they have a problem. And he always gives a great presentation.

Lyndon Antcliff can be found on his website or on Twitter.

The series can also be followed on iTunes

In the series we also talked to:

Will Critchlow

Marcus Tandler

Lisa Myers

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Dixon Jones

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