Facebook advertising tactics

Wed 7 October 2009 21:00, Jaap Jacobs

Facebook advertising tactics

2 weeks ago I had written a post about Facebook advertising. It was being published on an affiliate blog, but unfortunately being removed because some affiliates were afraid it would harm their income. Today it’s Social Media day at SMX and I hope to hear some new Facebook marketing tactics.

First of all, there are some difference with regular PPC marketing. In Facebook you target on profile attributes instead of keywords. But you could use profile attributes as keywords. Put in one of your keywords, you see the size of your target group and start advertising. You are supported with the keywords suggestion tool, but Facebook also provides www.facebook.com/lexicon, which is great tool to see where people are talking about. It would be very useful if you want to create “organic” results. But now back to advertising. With Facebook you are also able to bid on your brands and that of your competitors!

Most advertisers face problems at the beginning of their campaign launch. They have low CTR’s and conversion rates. But they intend to forget targeting. With targeting you are able to work to “common” CTR’s. However so, according to Dennis Yu, Facebook is for demand generation, not harvesting. And what I have seen he is right. That’s also why he suggest to send your audience towards a fan page, or a page where you are able to gather more information. In that way you have the ability to communicate with them later on. That’s way better than sending them towards your regular site where they initially will leave and you have to hope they buy something directly.

But what is the best method to set up a Facebook advertising campaign? As we already mentioned you should develop campaigns which are specifically targeted. Dennis Yu told that you would have to create ads over and over because these ads will finally burn out. If you don’t create new ads they lose interest. Again, I think he is right, but I think something different happens as well. I had a chat with somebody of Facebook and what I have been told is that Facebook is sending you massive volumes from the start and checks if your CTR is interesting for them. After 24 hours the system will decide in which frequency your ad will be visible. It seems a bit old-fashioned but Marktplaats.nl (the Dutch Craiglist) still works that way. And Facebook has a good purpose for doing it like that.

So how should you develop a good Facebook campaign? Start targeting and keep renewing your ads. There are some good opportunities to improve your current ads. What Dennis Yu have seen is that creating trust will increase your CTR. Use faces and phone numbers in your ad copy. And last but not least, women! What he and I have seen Facebook users love to connect with beautiful women.

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Comments (2)


  • This idea is good but there is a problem in it.The problem is we hide our identity and creates a beautiful woman profile then start campaign.
    My thinking said that all the things are right but use your own profile.

    Za 10 okt 2009, 14:38

  • Jaap,

    Thanks for the informative write-up. You read techcrunch yesterday?

    Di 3 nov 2009, 12:04


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