A4U Expo interview series: Will Critchlow

Mon 5 October 2009 15:25, Jon Myers

A4U Expo interview series: Will Critchlow

Next week A4U Expo London starts. Searchcowboys will be covering this event extensively. Starting today we will also bring you interviews with some of the speakers in the search-panels. Jon Myers and Bas van den Beld interviewed the speakers both in text as in podcast. You will be presented with these interviews going up to the conference. Today we start of with Will Critchlow.

Will Critchlow is the co-founder and director of Distilled, the London-based search agency. He will be speaking on the analytics panel "Barriers to Conversion & Discovering Untapped Opportunities With Analytics".

Read the text interview with Will Critchlow and listen to the podcast we also made with him.

Listen to the podcast here.

Could you tell us who you are?
I co-founded Distilled with Duncan Morris in 2005. Distilled started life as a web design and development agency. Along the way we developed our search expertise and are now probably now best known for our natural SEO services. The company has grown now to 17 people and we offer SEO, PPC management, web design and build and online reputation consulting services. On a personal level, I enjoy basketball, food and whisky (in that order).

What will your session be about at A4U Expo and what will you be talking about in specific?
I am speaking on the analytics panel - one of my favorite topics. I'm a bit of a stats geek and so I love drilling into the data. Specifically, I will be covering some advanced tips and tricks for hacking Google Analytics to do useful things that allow better segmentation of data. I'm also going to throw in a couple of tips for using analytics to improve SEO and specifically affiliate performance.

What is the link between SEO and affiliates for you? Who needs who?
I know what makes a website rank and I've got a lot of experience about what makes a website convert. I figure that the affiliate marketing experts know about everything specific to affiliates, but some of my skills should be useful to them too.
I think the link between SEO and affiliates goes in both directions. Done properly, a good affiliate program can be an SEO boon for merchants. Equally great SEO is often the difference between success and failure for affiliates themselves (as anyone who has heard Hamlet Batista speak will attest).

What makes A4U Expo a conference you want to be speaking at?
I am essentially an affiliate novice. I am very keen to attend some sessions and learn from the experts about an area of internet marketing where I know relatively little.

Why should we visit your session?
I know my co-speakers have some awesome stuff lined up and I always find that of everything I speak about, my analytics sessions get rated highest. I don't know what that says about my other presentations!

Which other session will you be visiting and believe that others should?
I'm looking forward to a bunch of the SEO panels, but I'm hoping to learn most in the Affiliate Doctors and meet the Super Affiliates panels.

Will Critchlow can be found on Distilled or on Twitter.

The series can also be followed on iTunes

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Comments (8)


  • Thanks guys. Great chatting with you. See you there!

    Ma 5 okt 2009, 16:26

  • Thanks again Will, it was a good chat indeed! See you next week!

    Ma 5 okt 2009, 16:33

  • Thanks Mate, enjoyed the chat catch up soon at A4U!

    Ma 5 okt 2009, 17:49

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