Conversion Conference London 2011

Date: 30 November 2011 / 01 December 2011 - Business Design Centre London


Conversion Conference London will take place on November 30th until the December 1st 2011 at Business Design Centre London.

Conversion Conference London is dedicated to anyone wanting to achieve maximum ROI from their online campaigns as this is the place where internationally renowned experts explain how to improve sales and dramatically increase your site’s conversion rates.

Here’s what awaits you at the Conversion Conference:

- Two days of interactive sessions focussing on conversion and split into the key topics of persuasion, best practice, hands on and testing & tools

- Live landing page tests and expert panel discussions

- Excellent networking opportunities and an exhibtion area including key vendors from the sector


Agenda overview

Day 1 (30 November 2011)

The first day of conference will be opened by a keynote about "Mobile and Real Time Optimization" by the internet sales guru, Amy Africa. After a couple of interesting sessions, there will be a second keynote which will be delivered by a New York Times best selling author and an online marketing pioneers, Bryan Eisenberg who will discuss about "Confessions of a Conversion Rate Optimiser".

We also recommend you to attend other informative sessions of the day, such as:

- "SEO and SEM vs. CRO – Tactics for Optimising Both Search & Conversion" by Richard Baxter (the Founder & Director of SEOgadget) and Patrick Altoft (the Director of Search of Branded3).

- "Engaging Content.. that converts" by Richard Falconer (the Head of Technical Services of bigmouthmedia/LBi).

- and a panel discussion about "CRO, SEM & SEO – Find the synergies, find the potential!" by Stephen Pavlovich (the director of Conversion Factory), Patrick Altoft (the director of Search of Branded3), and Prashant Puri (the Co-Founder of


Day 2 (1 December 2011)

Rory Sutherland, The Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy Group UK, will open the second day of conference ; and will be followed by interesting sessions like:

- "E-Commerce Best Practices" by Stephen Pavlovich (the Director of Conversion Factory) and Paul Rouke (the Head of Usability, Trainer and Consultant of PRWD).

- a workshop about "Understanding and Acting on Conversion Metrics" by Martin Newman (the Founder & CEO of Practicology).

- and interesting social media conversion topic "Facebook and Conversion or "Hey Facebook, where is my money?".


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