Meet our Searchcowboys columnist: Lisa Ditlefsen

Fri 16 January 2009 14:02, Editors

Meet our Searchcowboys columnist: Lisa Ditlefsen

Today we are very proud to announce our newest member of our team. Starting this month we will be enjoying a column on Searchcowboys written by Lisa Ditlefsen.

When you are looking for an opinion about the European search market you're looking for someone who has an international view. And preferably that someone should be outspoken enough to have their own opinion about search and should not be afraid of giving us their view. That is the profile of someone who would be very suited to write a column at Searchcowboys.

Add to this that a woman's view is always refreshing in a world dominated by men and you can see that we have found our perfect columnist for Searchcowboys: Lisa Ditlefsen.

We first spoke to Lisa at SMX London and since then Lisa has been following the growth of Searchcowboys with a lot of interest. When we asked her to be a columnist at Searchcowboys she was happy to say "heck yeah"!

Lisa Ditlefsen is very much involved with and well known in the global SEO community. She is the founder of SEO-Chicks ( which has got only female bloggers writing about search. With our sister-site Dutchcowgirls having the same format (only female bloggers but by no means a "girls only" blog) we felt a direct connection. The SEO Chicks don't have to be afraid their 'losing' Lisa by the way, as they say, we are just 'gaining' her. She will continue to be a SEO Chick.

Lisa is very experienced in marketing and search. She set up the search department of Base One as Head of Search almost 4 years ago. Lisa won the "B2B Newcomer of the Year" award at the B2B Marketing Awards 2007 and "Best Use of Technology by Under 30 Year Old Woman" at the Blackberry Women & Technology Awards in 2008. What the future will bring we will find out soon. One thing is for sure: the SEO Chick is now also a cowgirl ;).

Look at the interview we had with Lisa at SMX London.

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Comments (13)


  • Welcome, Lisa! Show us your skills ;-)

    Vr 16 jan 2009, 14:15

  • Very much looking forward to working with you Lisa!

    Vr 16 jan 2009, 14:17

  • More quality writers here, making this blog one of my top reads of the day. :)

    Vr 16 jan 2009, 14:59

  • thanks Barry, I think ;)

    Vr 16 jan 2009, 15:17

  • Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm truly honoured and very excited to be a columnist for Searchcowboys.

    Looking forward to be blogging with you all. Let the games begin =)

    Vr 16 jan 2009, 15:24

  • Congrats Lisa!! Looking forward to reading this :-)

    Vr 16 jan 2009, 15:30

  • Congrats with her on the team, SearchCowboys, and welcome, Lisa!

    Vr 16 jan 2009, 15:34

  • Looking forward to the posts Lisa - as usual...

    Vr 16 jan 2009, 15:42

  • Congrats, do you get a special hat for SES?

    Vr 16 jan 2009, 18:23

  • thanks everyone =)

    @ Louis, you mean a cowgirl hat, hmm there's an idea. SEO Chicks t-shirt and cowboy hat. Wonder what the SES organisers will say to that attire whilst speaking =)

    Ma 19 jan 2009, 10:43

  • Lisa it would get them a front page in both Digg and Sphinn within minutes when those pictures hit the internet so I guess they wouldn't mind ;).

    But working on the hat thing though ;)

    Ma 19 jan 2009, 10:59

  • its a good look, i would go for it!

    (As long as you dont expect me to be a mechanical bull, I have 4 kids that already assume thats the case 24/7!)

    Ma 19 jan 2009, 11:27

    • hebe01

    Congrats Lisa!! Looking forward to reading this :-)

    Vr 12 aug 2011, 12:10


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