Rankings that make sense

Tue 8 December 2009 10:01, Joost de Valk

A lot has been written about rankings before. But today, I can tell you that we've got something new, and better. Tracking rankings is hard, especially because Google isn't too fond of people scraping their search results. Because of that, running daily rankings was a pain, but the data we all secretly wanted was in there, we've all known it for ages: visitor data, combined with rankings, day for day, week for week.

Let me show you what I wanted, all this time:

Rankings that make sense

This isn't some mockup, this is real stuff. A rankings tracker called SEO Rank Monitor, that uses the Google Analytics API to combine rankings data with visitor data, showing you what the difference really is between position 1 and position 2. It's also the fastest rankings tracker I've ever seen, ranking a few dozen keywords for me in a few minutes, and then on a daily basis after that, giving some awesome ranking charts:


It also allows you to add your competitors, so you can easily track their goings on your keywords as well. Now all experienced SEO's know they should work on keyword groups more than they should work on single keywords, and thus this new ranking tool allows you to tag your keywords, easily allowing you to check rankings for the group:

As you can see it also allows you to export the keywords to a CSV file. There's more: tracking the number of backlinks to your domain according to the search engines you selected, the number of indexed pages etc. Also, because this isn't a rank tracker that runs on your own machine, it's not clogging up resources and you can check your rankings from everywhere you want.

The tool is paid, of course, but you can try it for free for a month. The normal pricing is $39 a month for the Pro package and $19 a month for the Basic package. With the Pro package you can track 2,500 keywords and 10 domains, with the Basic package you're limited to 1 domain and 100 keywords. In other words: the Pro package is well worth the money. Now there's something even better: I've negotiated a discount code with which you'll get $10 a month off, for as long as you decide to keep your subscription! The discount code should be easy to remember: "searchcowboys" is all you need.

So go check it out, and should you decide to sign up, don't forget to use the discount code "searchcowboys"!

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Comments (17)


  • The last two sentences confuse me. The second to last sentence says to use the coupon code of "yoast". The last sentence says to use the coupon code of "searchcowboys". ??

    Di 8 dec 2009, 14:05

  • Hi Donna, thanks, it should be "searchcowboys". I'll change it, thanks for pointing that out!

    Di 8 dec 2009, 14:31

    • Jon

    Is this still useful given the launch this week of Google's personalised search (and the impact on traditional organic "rankings")?

    Wo 9 dec 2009, 04:35

  • Funnily enough the 'try it for free' button on their website does not give you the option to try it... well... for free?!

    Jon raises a valid point.

    Wo 9 dec 2009, 15:23

  • Well, actually you can try it for free. You just have to choose your (paid) account type and create an account. Payment is by Paypal automatic subscription, but the first month is free. So you sign up and you can always cancel the subscription on paypal. The first month they won't charge you. (I tried it).
    But... you're right, it isn't very clear :)

    About the other question: well, I think especially in combination with the Analytics data it is interesting.
    I don't think the personlized search will have a very strong impact on this. (I agree with Sistrix: http://www.sistrix.com/blog/915-in-the-future-google-will-personalize-near...

    Wo 16 dec 2009, 19:07

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    Za 14 mei 2016, 10:26

  • it's not clogging up resources and you can check your rankings from everywhere you want.


    Do 26 mei 2016, 16:30

    • vikas

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  • easily allowing you to check rankings for the group.


    Do 16 jun 2016, 16:51

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    Do 16 jun 2016, 16:51

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    Wo 5 okt 2016, 08:51

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    Di 18 okt 2016, 10:53


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