1000 posts on Searchcowboys!

Wed 16 September 2009 10:00, Bas van den Beld

1000 posts on Searchcowboys!

On the one hand it feels like its only been a couple of months since I wrote the 'opening post' on Searchcowboys. On January 7th I wrote a post 'opening' the website officially. We had been working on the site 'silently' for two months prior to that though. That made the 'opening' post already the 228th post on Searchcowboys.

Today we reach a milestone. 9 months (yes you can get a baby in that period) after the official launch and within a year of the first post we reach post number 1000

1000 posts on Searchcowboys. Is that something to be proud of? Well yes, I believe it is. 1000 posts in less than a year. That's an average of 3 posts a day. However, since we do not post in the weekends, that average is actually higher.

But what I'm more proud of than the 1000 posts is what we've accomplished on other parts. We wanted to be a European voice in search marketing. Though not every post is about Europe, I do think we succeeded there. Many people come up to me at conferences telling me they like the European angle we take. And that makes me proud. I love it when people address me like that. It means that what we were aiming for is actually what comes back in peoples minds: a website about Search with a specific European view. Also we notice that we are becoming more and more well known in the industry. Many have heard of Searchcowboys and when I visit a conference I meet a lot of people who visit the site, maybe not every day, but regularly.

So 1000 posts is a good time to look back. We've had a lot of good posts over the past nine months. 


Everybody is always curious about our stats: "how many visitors do you have?" "Can we see the analytics?" are questions posed to me on a regular basis. It's always difficult to answer these questions. 

Why? Because for starters we don't post in the weekends, that makes average visitors-numbers somewhat strange because in the weekends there are less visitors. Next to that stats vary at special occasions like events or series (like the Guestpost series). Also we are working with a system which is also used for our sister-sites and therefore doesn't show all the things we need or want to see. For now we for example can't really see how many RSS-readers we have. That is something we are working on. But let me try and give some insight.


First of all let me start with the most important: we are growing. We started of with dozens, then hundreds and now 1000s of visitors every day. In a niche market we keep on getting more visitors, more links, more retweets and more mentions around the web. So we are increasing rapidly within nine months so that is good!

An article on Searchcowboys on average gets between 1500 and 6000 uniques. Some days and some articles are higher than others but thats about the average you should look at.

So is that much? Some may think no, I'm sure Searchengineland does a lot better, but we are not Searchengineland (yet ;) ). But looking at the facts: we are here nine months, growing rapidly and making a name for our selves pretty fast. And with the fact that we are climbing in numbers makes me feel we are doing a good job. And yes, off course I want plenty more visitors, so if you like the site, spread the word ;).

Best posts?

It's always difficult to point out the best posts. It's an arbitrary decision to make, and a personal one. Looking at the posts of our bloggers there are a couple however I should mention. Martijn Beijk's post on "How to track Universal Search traffic with Google Analytics" was one of the first more in depth posts on Searchcowboys and went hot on Sphinn very fast, and with reason. It was a helpful post which also was well written. And it helped Martijn getting to his speakers-spot on SMX Stockholm.

Other posts I really liked were Lisa's columns "Double Tall Skinny Non Dairy Social Media To Go Please"  and "Get "Special Price" to Appear in Google Maps, now!", while "From Russia with Link Love" from Evert Veldhuijzen is another favorite. But let me stop right here because I can name at least ten or twenty more posts from our bloggers I really liked. Not naming all of them would not do justice to those I don't mention, but naming them all would be too much.

But that does get me to the next thing I wanted to put down here. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the bloggers who have contributed to Searchcowboys so far. I know it takes a lot of effort and time to make posts and work keeps us all busy. I'm happy with every post the crew has written though, but also here I sure would like some more (hint ;) ).


A place where you normally can find a lot of Cowboys is at events. We are specialists in covering events. SMX, SES, A4UExpo or smaller events, we cover them all and we do a good job. And it's something we like to do. Be therefore sure to look out for us on the upcoming events!


One thing I personally like is our podcasts. Together with Roy Huiskes and Eduard Blacqueire we do the Calling Holland podcasts, while me and Dave Naylor discuss the status of search in the UK. And best of all, since a couple of weeks Roy and I are hosting a weekly show on webmasterradio.fm.


So what's next?

There are a lot of plans we are planning on rolling out in the (near) future. Some things you will see coming by as a surprise, other things I can tell you right now. First of all we will be doing some webinars like the online site clinic we are preparing right now. Second we will be doing several specials on different countries and there will be a new series of guestposts! Finally we are setting up a panel in which we want to gather Europeans so we can get an insight in what Europe is doing in search through our own research.

To close of this 1000th post I would like to thank the bloggers: 

Barry AdamsDennis SieversEduard BlacquièreEvert VeldhuijzenHeini van BergenJaap JacobsJeffrey BleijendaalJon MyersJoost de ValkLisa D MyersLouis VenterMartijn BeijkPeter YoungRoy HuiskesSam MurrayUlf Weihbold 

and those from the first hour: Nina Baumann, Nuno Hipolito, Francis Siefken, Mark Farragher, the guys at bSeen and Menno Flikkema.

And last but not least I would like to thank you: the readers and off course those of you who spread the word ;).

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