Book review: Manual SEO

Tue 23 December 2008 13:02, Bas van den Beld

Book review: Manual SEO

In this review we will be taking a look at a Dutch book, called “Handboek SEO, resultaatgerichte zoekmachineoptimalisatie”, written by SEO company OnetoMarket. The book is in Dutch so you will probably need to learn Dutch to understand it, or hopefully the writers will be publishing an English version one day.

Still we like to discuss this book here because of the ever growing market and the international European focus we have on this blog. Also we expect OnetoMarket, with its international focus, to go international with the book. We will be doing a short review here. A big review can be found (in Dutch) at Dutchcowboys.

The book takes a very complete look at all the steps that are taken in a SEO-project. It handles all steps, starting with what SEO actually is and why you should do SEO, up to how to use different techniques and tips on do’s and don’ts.

With the following chapters OnetoMarket tries to tackle all the important subjects in SEO:
•    What is SEO?
•    How people use search engines
•    Determining search engines
•    Site structure
•    Content
•    Client side
•    Server side
•    Linkbuilding
•    Linkbuilding techniques
•    Webanalytics
•    Selecting an SEO partner
•    SEO in the (online) marketing mix

In the appendixes the book tries to cover some extra content. They talk about common made mistakes, why we all should use Firefox and takes a look at linkbait.


What’s wrong with it?
Every book has its faults, as does this one. Expect for only being available in Dutch for now, there are a couple of hick ups.

The book is written by multiple writers and unfortunately you will notice that when reading it. One chapter is better than the other and some chapters go ‘deeper’ into the subject than others. Also there are a couple of chapters written about technical issues. Those chapters are probably not interesting enough for those who are going to buy this book. Finally it really seems strange that a SEO company is writing about how you should select an SEO partner.

Why read?
So why should we read this book? There are a couple of reasons. I personally think this book is very well fit for those webmasters who do know a little about the internet, but who don’t know very much about SEO. They can really use this book as a starters guide which can help them take their first steps in SEO.

The book is not written for the ‘hard core’ search gurus. But these gurus could be helped by advising this book to their clients. It will help them understand what on earth the SEO – expert is doing.

So concluding  we can say this book is very well fit for those who are starting in SEO and need a hands on guide. If you are a advanced SEO-expert I would suggest you only buy it as a gift to your clients.

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Comments (9)


  • Hi Bas, thanks for the review. The english book will be released in the next few months.

    Do 25 dec 2008, 21:55

  • @Bas: Tnx voor de review. I didn't it to show up here. And as Evert already said, we are currently really busy translating the whole thing!

    Vr 26 dec 2008, 17:59

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