The Importance Of Viral Marketing

Fri 30 April 2010 13:13, Susie Hood

The Importance Of Viral Marketing

Simon, an SEO Programmer at SEO Consult, shares his thoughts on what we can learn from Apple and their marketing strategies.

Apple has been the forefront of technology news for a few months now with week upon week of new exciting news about all things Apple. Starting from the IPad, then to the new IPhone software, then the new MacBooks and whether they like it or not, the recently leaked next generation IPhone.... read more

5 Why Reasons Your SEO Campaign May Fail

Thu 22 April 2010 13:18, Susie Hood

Dan, Senior SEO Programmer at SEO Consult, shares his thoughts on why many search engine optimisation campaigns don't bring the success that they should.

1. Unrealistic targets.

Unrealistic targets are the number one cause of campaign failure. This is the responsibility of both the client and the SEO Company. The client should know that SEO is like any normal business strategy, start small, set targets and progress. The SEO should have managed the expectations of the client. They should have set out a map to achieve the targets of the client, with various milestones along the way to highlight progress.... read more

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Bing it on: Why Bing on your mobile means an SEO shake-up

Fri 16 April 2010 11:45, Susie Hood

Jon, a Search Engine Optimisation Programmer at SEO Consult, gives his thoughts on Bing's latest moves to attract users and possible implications in search marketing...

There are some obvious reasons why people focus solely on Google when setting up their SEO campaign. Apart from them being a household name and occupying a massive market share, it’s also the important fact that optimising for Google very often (but by no means always) results in similar rankings in the two other major search engines – three birds, one SEO stone.... read more

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Geotagging and Search Marketing

Tue 6 April 2010 13:08, Susie Hood

Geotagging and Search Marketing

With augmented reality apps on smart phones such as the iPhone and as part of various Android applications, the way we take and use pictures is no longer purely a recreational issue - it's now a business issue too. But how does this relate to internet marketing and search engines? Simon, an SEO Programmer at SEO Consult shares his thoughts below.... read more

Facebook Overtakes Google Search in US – A Warning Sign?

Mon 29 March 2010 12:40, Susie Hood

Facebook Overtakes Google Search in US – A Warning Sign?

Hitwise, an internet research company, has announced that as of 13th of March 2010, Facebook achieved 7.07% of all internet traffic to their homepage, compared to Google’s 7.03%.
A lot of hype has surrounded this recent statistic but what does it really mean? How accurate are these statistics i.e does it take into account Google toolbar searches and iprofiles? Are Google really being outshined by Facebook? If Facebook goes into search will Facebook become the new portal and the goal for SEO?... read more

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Mon 22 March 2010 16:39, Susie Hood, 3 comments

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