SES Day 2 Session 2 - Digital Assets Optimisation

Wed 17 February 2010 12:35, Louis Venter

The second session of day 2 covered digital asset optimisation. It’s often difficult to establish value of the digital assets and establish how they tie into the ROI matrix. It was a great session with some expert speakers.... read more

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Session 2 Day 1 – SES – Real Time Search and SEO for the TV?

Tue 16 February 2010 14:55, Louis Venter

Second session of the day and the focus was on real time search. It was an interesting session although probably didn’t contain that much information on opportunities within real time search within Google.... read more

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LinkedIn removes follows, adds Twitter integration

Tue 17 November 2009 14:30, Louis Venter

LinkedIn removes follows, adds Twitter integration

Back in my development days we used to have a saying, ”what Intel giveth Microsoft taketh away”.

Linkedin seems to have done just that. While they have added nofollows to all external links from your Linkedin profile they have also added Twitter integration.... read more

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Google Acquires AdMob: could it help developing countries?

Tue 10 November 2009 14:30, Louis Venter

Google Acquires AdMob: could it help developing countries?

Google has made a major move into mobile ad serving with its $750 million buyout of AdMob. Founded in 2006, AdMob’s progress has been rapid; they served their 100 billionth mobile ad in August this year. AdMob’s offering differs considerably from Google’s with the search giant offering predominantly mobile search and SMS ads whereas AdMob concentrates on display and “in application” ad serving.... read more

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Killer Link Building Strategies

Wed 14 October 2009 12:06, Louis Venter

Killer Link Building Strategies

Early morning start to A4U with some really tired and hung-over faces from the previous evening in attendance.

Overall it was a really great session with all panellists delivering great content and tips. Some of the highlights below.... read more

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Meet the Engines – a4u Expo

Tue 13 October 2009 13:32, Louis Venter, 2 comments

Online Ad Spend surpasses TV for the first time

Wed 30 September 2009 11:00, Louis Venter, 5 comments

What should marketing directors act on right now?

Wed 23 September 2009 15:15, Louis Venter, 3 comments

If Carol doesn’t believe in Yahoo! why should we?

Wed 9 September 2009 15:00, Louis Venter, 1 comment

Is it Google’s fault you have a *&^*&^ marketing strategy?

Wed 19 August 2009 13:00, Louis Venter, 1 comment

Is Real Time Search worth the hype?

Fri 14 August 2009 08:00, Louis Venter, 23 comments

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