Landing Page Testing & Tuning - SES London 2009

Thu 19 February 2009 16:32, Pieter Verbeke

Landing Page Testing & Tuning - SES London 2009

How to increase the conversion rate on your landing pages? Panellists Andrew Goodman, Anders Hjorth, John Marshall and Jon Myers discussed this question in the session ‘Landing page testing & tuning’ on day 3 of SES London.

Andrew Goodman, Principal of Page Zero Media moderated this session.

Jon Myers, Head of Search for MediaVest, is recognised for his unparalleled experience and knowledge within search engine marketing in the U.K. Myers started his session with a short introduction about the importance of a good landing page. According to several studies, we have 13 seconds to convince visitors there're on the right site.... read more

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Link Building Basics at SES London 2009

Wed 18 February 2009 21:39, Pieter Verbeke

Link Building Basics at SES London 2009

Like most of us already know, links are the core to the internet. In the session ‘Link building basics’ we’ve discovered how to use these links to obtain better rankings in the search engines and increase the traffic to our site. Panellists in these session were Kevin Newcomb, Peter van der Graaf, Debra Mastaler, Jonathan Stewart and Brian Turner.

Debra Mastaler, President of Alliance-Link mainly focuses on providing custom link building campaigns and link training. She shared some of her ideas on the concept of link popularity and link influence:... read more

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Online video update – The next wave - SES London 2009

Wed 18 February 2009 14:14, Pieter Verbeke

Online video update – The next wave - SES London 2009

In these last couple of years, online video has known a massive boost. The session ‘Online video update – The next wave’ explored this in depth. Panellists  Shari Thurow, Greg Jarboe and Liana Evans, explained why online video has become increasingly popular and why marketers all over the world should follow this trend .

Moderator of this session was Michael Boland, Senior Analyst in The Kelsey Group’s Interactive Local Media program.... read more

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