So, how does this Googlebot actually work?

Tue 20 July 2010 10:00, Dennis Sievers

Rolf Broer, who works at Onetomarket, just released a very interesting article about Googlebot and its crawling capabilities. Rolf created several tests for the so called superior bot of Google to see how it reacts on particular setups of links and pages. Biggest takeaway is that you can use a Google sitemap to boost the crawlrate. But there is more...

Google crawlrate being tested... read more

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MayDay update confirmed by Google - Watch your back..links

Fri 28 May 2010 09:00, Dennis Sievers

MayDay update confirmed by Google - Watch your back..links

Surprise, but no surprise. Google finally has confirmed the Google Mayday update. At Google I/O, Matt Cutts confirmed that Google has changed the search algorithm. The new algorithm "looks for higher quality sites to surface for long tail queries". It has been tested quite intense and isn't going to be rolled back. Vanessa Fox, editor at Search Engine Land, published the news yesterday. Again, it seems to be about backlinks again.... read more

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Internet Explorer 6: to support, or not to support?

Tue 9 February 2010 21:00, Dennis Sievers

Internet Explorer 6: to support, or not to support?

As we all probably know by now, Google is about to kick Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 to the curbs. Following a whole bunch of other companies, Google’s explanation is simple: old browsers do not support advanced and current techniques for rich interactive web apps, including things like voice and video. Short after Google went public with this news, a Dutch webdesign firm started a website where developers protest against IE6 and support Google’s decision. And today, another group stood up to protest against Google’s decision.... read more

Dutch SME's increasing search budget to € 250 mln in 2010

Mon 11 January 2010 09:00, Dennis Sievers

Dutch SME's increasing search budget to € 250 mln in 2010

Study shows: Dutch SME’s increasing search budget to over € 250 million in 2010

If you deal with customers in the Netherlands, or have plans to enter the Dutch market short term, then read on. A study, recently done by Indenty, a Dutch search marketing firm, shows that Dutch small and medium enterprises (SME’s) are able to increase search budgets much more than expected. The financial crisis is still not over and while a lot of companies need to pay close attention to their spending, search marketing is still very much on their radar. As a matter of fact, the Dutch SME’s total spending on search will increase from € 153 million euro’s in 2009 to over € 250 million euro’s in 2010.

 ... read more

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Google speeding things up - but why?

Wed 9 December 2009 09:00, Dennis Sievers

Google speeding things up - but why?

Google published a lot of news and updates lately. One even more spectacular than the other. What to think of Google Wave? Or Google Voice? Anyway, a few of the latest updates are interesting, because of the fact they mainly focus on the element 'speed'. It seems that Google is putting more and more weight on speed. We encourage it, because we continuously want things to be faster and faster. But why is Google so focussed on speed? Whats in it for them? 

That's was the main question we discussed (on Wave!) with a few Dutch SEO's. The discussion was input for an (Dutch) article, written by Jeroen van Eck of E-Difference, which I translated to make it accessible for you all. 


Things started with a study that proved the fact that slow result pages had an influence on the number of search queries, published on the 23th of June. ... read more

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Microsoft monopoly or Google bowling competition?

Wed 28 October 2009 22:30, Dennis Sievers, 7 comments

Linkbuilding - A problem-solving adding-value matter

Fri 16 October 2009 09:00, Dennis Sievers, 9 comments

Is Google having too much faith in their own Algorithm?

Mon 7 September 2009 17:49, Dennis Sievers, 7 comments

Google Insight now available in 39 languages

Tue 18 August 2009 11:00, Dennis Sievers, 1 comment

Facebook Lite: will Twitter become the ugly duck?

Thu 13 August 2009 14:15, Dennis Sievers, 3 comments

Google working on brand new infrastructure for search

Tue 11 August 2009 10:00, Dennis Sievers, 2 comments

Ranking issues? Just save the spiders some time!

Mon 10 August 2009 13:00, Dennis Sievers, 6 comments

Google now helping webdevelopers speeding up their websites

Fri 5 June 2009 12:15, Dennis Sievers, 1 comment

All gloves off: Bidding on Trademarked keywords

Wed 13 May 2009 08:50, Dennis Sievers, 2 comments

Google tests new search features and challenges Microsoft

Mon 6 April 2009 14:14, Dennis Sievers, 3 comments

Is Google becoming a search engine driven by user behavior?

Thu 29 January 2009 15:00, Dennis Sievers, 4 comments

A bloggers view on search in Europe: Dennis Sievers

Mon 26 January 2009 14:23, Dennis Sievers, 2 comments

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