How to use multiple sitemaps on one domain for geo-targeting

Wed 30 December 2009 14:00, Lisa D Myers

How to use multiple sitemaps on one domain for geo-targeting

The final top 10 post is yet again one of our columniste Lisa Myers. She adressed an issue which will become more important every day in the coming years: doing SEO in different countries and languages. Her post "How to use multiple sitemaps on one domain for geo-targeting" adressed the use of sitemaps to help you get those languages straigthened out.

How to use multiple sitemaps on one domain for geo-targeting
Originally posted on November 19th 2009

Working with websites that targets several countries is always challenging, especially from an SEO point of view, people just don’t seem to get that doing SEO in different countries goes way beyond different languages. I would go as far as to say there are probably more website struggling with geo targeting issues in one form or another than it is websites that are all ok and ranking in all the relevant countries they are targeting.... read more

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Is Search evolving into Online Anthropology?

Fri 18 December 2009 16:00, Lisa D Myers

Is Search evolving into Online Anthropology?

We were very excited to have Lisa Myers join Searchcowboys as a columnist and ever since her first column, "Is Search evolving into Online Anthropology?" she hasn't dissapointed us. Her first column right away was a blast. She showed us that though search is technical, it is also human.

Is Search evolving into Online Anthropology?
First posted at January 27th 2009

First of all I just want to say how excited I’m to be in the Searchcowboys crew, I have been following the Searchcowboys blog ever since I met Bas at SMX in London back in November.  Hopefully I won’t disappoint.  So here I am, a Norwegian SEO Chick living in the UK blogging with the boys at searchcowboys. Yehaw!!... read more

SEO Roadshow: interview with the new SEO Chicks

Thu 22 October 2009 11:00, Lisa D Myers

SEO Roadshow: interview with the new SEO Chicks

More than a month ago the SEO-Chicks weblog started a contest to find new recruits for their blogging team. Not surprisingly those who could join in could only be women. They had to sent in a blogpost. Voting determined the two winners: Sarah Goodwin and Nichola Stott.

SEO Chicks was overwhelmed by all the response they got from their call to the industry to start blogging. She had to pick five finalists from which the readers could pick out the winners. Sarah Goodwin and Nichola Stott came out on top of this anonymised contest.... read more

Get "Special Price" to Appear in Google Maps, now!

Thu 3 September 2009 15:18, Lisa D Myers

Get "Special Price" to Appear in Google Maps, now!

I’m completely outraged, just come off the phone with a friend in Norway who told me about an agency in Norway who’s “selling” Google Local Business listings.

Basically they are convincing businesses that they have to PAY to appear in Google Maps and they are in fact “selling” the keywords, telling customers that they will get a place in the top 10 listings. That’s just outrageous; they are playing on people’s ignorance to in fact sell something that doesn’t exist. The story of The Emperors New Clothes springs to mind....... read more

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Double Tall Skinny Non Dairy Social Media To Go Please

Fri 10 July 2009 13:20, Lisa D Myers

Double Tall Skinny Non Dairy Social Media To Go Please

I’m sitting in Starbucks, my Blackberry stuffed at the bottom of my enormous handbag so I don’t feel tempted to have a quick look. I usually go to a cafe where they haven’t got 'free wifi' to write a blogpost, as I simply get too distracted in the office. Phone calls, emails from clients, ooo just need to read this blogpost, answer this tweet. My life is full of interaction in every shape and form, my job demands it, I need to know what’s going on. But when I write I need to cut it all off, not that my writing is ‘journalist class’ and I need silence to get my creativity out, I’m in Starbucks for goodness sake, couldn’t get more noisy if you tried.

Looking around I pretty much see people from every walks of life; babies, mothers, teenagers (with weird neon painting on their faces, god knows what that’s about), a workman in dirty trousers, a business man and in the corner two “ladies that lunches” both with Prada bags. Starbucks pretty much represents the “main stream”, not in a negative way, to me “main stream” simply means something or someone that appeals to people from all walks of life. So how did Starbucks get so massive, why do people like it so much? Sipping my coffee I’m thinking it can’t possibly be because of the coffee, Costa does far superior coffee!  I personally think the success of the massive brand that Starbucks has become is mostly due to; positive association, a brand built with people in mind (And on a different note, timing probably had a lot to do with their success, if you haven’t read “Outliers” by Malcom Gladwell I recommend it). But my point isn’t to analyse Starbucks success, although I realise my initial rambling might suggest just that. What I am interested in is how you target the “main stream”, how you reach the Starbucks audience, and more specifically how you can do that online.

 ... read more

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PPC Advertising Pitfalls – don’t just do what "Simon" says

Thu 9 April 2009 10:40, Lisa D Myers, 8 comments

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