Twittermania all over! What about Germany?

Thu 9 April 2009 14:28, Nina Baumann

Twitter originally started as a side project in March of 2006. Now it’s a huge real-time short messaging service that works over multiple networks and devices. There's no denieing it: It’s a really powerful platform. If you are part of it and know the game you can also use it for online marketing and SMO.

In march 2009 three German guys started to analyse the German Twittersphere. Thomas Pfeiffer, Webevangelist and the moderator of the Xing Microblogging group #xmbg asked 2.800 German twitter users how, where and why they are using Twitter. The researchers found that most German Twitter users are men and that women mostly choose an alia... read more

Twittermania all over! What about Germany?

Insights in the inhouse keywordtool of T-Online

Wed 18 February 2009 16:50, Nina Baumann

Insights in the inhouse keywordtool of T-Online

More and more companies choose to do their SEO in house with the support of SEO-companies on the side. Chances are in the near future we will be seeing a lot more constructions similar to this. You get the best of both worlds: knowledge inside the company and using the knowledge of the specialized agencies.

One of the companies who work like this is the German T-Online (Deutsche Telekom) organization. They have in house SEO's with Jens Fauldrath and Andreas Rembow They developed their own keywordresearch-tool. In this special SEO Roadshow interview our guest interviewer Nina Baumann (OnetoMarket) asked the two German SEO's all about this tool. And more!... read more

A bloggers view on search in Europe: Nina Baumann

Thu 13 November 2008 14:01, Nina Baumann

A bloggers view on search in Europe: Nina Baumann

[Editor] Since Searchcowboys is just 'starting up' you might not know all our bloggers and what they stand for. We've asked our bloggers to write a post about their view on the European Search Market. What are their thoughts, how do they see the future of Search in Europe and what is the difference between US and Europe.

Today Nina Baumann introduces herself. Nina Baumann is an SEO and Link Building Consultant at Onetomarket.  She advises about Link Building tactics for Onetomarket´s major clients like KLM, publishers like VNU and Wegener, online shops (Conrad) and Financial organizations like AEGON Bank. Before joining Onetomarket in July 2007 Nina worked for a big Dutch travel portal as Link Building specialist. She also advices for Onetomarket Germany to German companies about their Link Building and SEO strategies.

Next to writing the occasional blogpost for the Onetomarket blog in Dutch, she writes about Link Building on her personal Link Building blog Linkspiel and from now on also on Searchcowboys.... read more

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