Conversion Conference London

Thu 25 November 2010 00:11, Menno Flikkema

Conversion Conference London

I was delighted to attend the first Conversion Conference at the beginning of this month in London. Led by Tim Ash as chair, it was a conference dedicated to how to make more money with your website by increasing conversion. The word conversion to me means simply getting people to do what you want them to do on your website. What surprised me was the depth in which this simple notion was covered in the two days of conversion conference. ... read more

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Google Instant Launched

Wed 8 September 2010 23:33, Menno Flikkema

Finally we know what the bouncing balls were for. Google has changed the game for search in 2010 with Google Instant. Google Instant appears when you login with your Google account to As you type your search query, search suggestions appear below the input field and the search result page changes as you type. Will this change how Google users interact with the results and the impact your Adwords have on them? It certainly will!... read more

Google Instant Launched

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Google 12th Birthday Interactive Doodle?

Tue 7 September 2010 10:31, Menno Flikkema

UPDATE This morning i visited to be surprised by a new interactive doodle for (which I think) is Google's official 12th birthday. It consists of multiple, colored, bouncing but time-wasting spheres. It has also been seen on and will undoubtedly appear on other Google search sites. Happy Birthday Google? ... read more

Google 12th Birthday Interactive Doodle?

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Adwords: What the Big Brands Spend

Mon 6 September 2010 21:34, Menno Flikkema

Adwords: What the Big Brands Spend has gotten hold of an internal Google search spending document which gives a partial overview of how much money the big brands are spending on Adwords. Depending on your view, there may be some surprises here, especially how much BP spent on Google Adwords in June 2010...... read more

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Google indexes SVG

Thu 2 September 2010 18:29, Menno Flikkema

Google indexes SVG

According to the Google Webmaster Blog, Google is now indexing .SVG, (Scalable Vector Graphics) presented as an alternative to Flash. But who besides wikipedia actually uses .SVG? In my view, .SVG is akin to Flash when used in content - what kind of relevance does it add? ... read more

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A4UExpo Europe: 40 WordPress Tips

Tue 5 May 2009 15:30, Menno Flikkema, 8 comments

A4UExpo Amsterdam: Conversion Optimization

Tue 28 April 2009 21:51, Menno Flikkema, 5 comments

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