Rankings that make sense

Tue 8 December 2009 10:01, Joost de Valk

A lot has been written about rankings before. But today, I can tell you that we've got something new, and better. Tracking rankings is hard, especially because Google isn't too fond of people scraping their search results. Because of that, running daily rankings was a pain, but the data we all secretly wanted was in there, we've all known it for ages: visitor data, combined with rankings, day for day, week for week.

Let me show you what I wanted, all this time:... read more

Rankings that make sense

Comment links: an experiment

Tue 14 July 2009 16:10, Joost de Valk

Comment links: an experiment

As you might know, I do a lot of blog SEO. My article on WordPress SEO pretty much sums up my ideas about it, but to get those ideas, sometimes you'll need to experiment. One of the things I've always been a strong proponent of, is the use of nofollow to sculpt internal PageRank. Now Matt has made that sort of impossible (at least that's what he says), so I'm looking at other tactics.

But if you stop using nofollow for PageRank sculpting, maybe you should also stop using it in other areas. I've been thinking about what I should be doing with the links in my comments for a while now. Even though nofollow still works to prevent link juice from going to those sites, links associated to comment authors are, at best, fun, but hardly ever add anything to the conversation.... read more

Stupid people & stupid link schemes

Fri 12 June 2009 11:05, Joost de Valk

Stupid people & stupid link schemes

Every so often I get an email from someone who thinks that he's invented the best thing since sliced bread as far as blogs, WordPress and SEO go. In most cases, they call themselves "contextual partners", "related websites" or something else that already gets my spam senses tingling.

Then, they'll start telling on their sites how their wonderful system helped sites get from PageRank 0 to 5 in one month, or helped increase Google rankings. Just how stupid do you think Google is? Or, for that matter, the competitors of the people whose ranking you're boosting?... read more

Interview with Matthew Wood (A4UExpo)

Fri 3 April 2009 15:08, Joost de Valk

Interview with Matthew Wood (A4UExpo)

(This article was posted on Yoast.com earlier).

Next month Amsterdam will see the first A4UExpo Europe, the European counterpart of the highly succesfull A4UExpo conference series in London. I though it would be interesting for all of you to do an interview with Matthew Wood, the genius behind all of this.... read more

Kaushik: 'Analytics is a 3 year old baby'

Thu 10 July 2008 21:23, Joost de Valk

Kaushik: 'Analytics is a 3 year old baby'

Third up in the series of SEO Roadshow interviews is Avinash Kuashik. Joost got to talk to him at the 'Webanalytics congres' in Hollland this July. You can listen to the podcast here.

Kaushik is the writer of the book 'Web Analytics: An Hour A Day'. According to his linkedin page Kaushik helps “Fortune 100 companies make the most of their analytics strategies”.... read more

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