Google Testing New AdWords Ads

Fri 27 November 2009 15:32, Jeffrey Bleijendaal

Google Testing New AdWords Ads

While we're moving towards the most important season of the year for the online retailers, Google is testing a couple of new ad formats. I've seen a few of them in Holland already, but most of the tests are done in the US. Is it a coincidence or is Google testing the new formats deliberately around this time of year? The search volumes will increase exponential towards the Christmas season and that means they're getting more relevant test results. Smart thinking!

Let's have a look at (some of) the new ad formats.... read more

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Google Conversion Optimizer catches on

Wed 5 August 2009 12:26, Jeffrey Bleijendaal

Google Conversion Optimizer catches on

The end of September 2007 Google introduced a new tool called the Conversion Optimizer. This tool is a response from Google to the shifting interest of advertisers from CPC to CPA. The second 'shift', because in the old days of search engine advertising there was the shift from CPM to CPC.

Now, almost 2 years later, Google notices that more and more advertisers use this tool to manage their AdWords campaigns. Google estimates the spending via this tool to be 1 billion this year.... read more

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Google Search: 2012

Thu 11 June 2009 11:20, Jeffrey Bleijendaal

Google Search: 2012

Last weekend I went to the cinema to see "Terminator Salvation" (what a disappointment). Before the movie started there where a view trailers of coming movies (looking forward to "Transformers 2"). There was also a trailer for the movie "2012" which ended with the possibility to find out the truth by searching on Google for: 2012.... read more

Google facing contact and payment issues for Google AdWords

Fri 15 May 2009 15:36, Jeffrey Bleijendaal

Google facing contact and payment issues for Google AdWords

We all know Google AdWords is an highly appreciated online marketing tool to drive traffic to and conversions on websites. In this context “we”, I mean the experienced Google AdWords marketeers who know the system inside out (but still have to get used to the new interface, but that’s a whole other discussion).

A couple of months ago Google renewed their Google AdWords Help Forum and being one of the regular visitors of the old forum I was asked to become administrator for the new forum. Looking at the fact that I work with Google AdWords almost everyday for the past 4.5 years and I like helping people with AdWords problems I gladly accepted the ‘job’.... read more

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SES Amsterdam: Improve your SEM return and conversion

Tue 17 March 2009 16:30, Jeffrey Bleijendaal

SES Amsterdam: Improve your SEM return and conversion

Jen Brown talked about Ad Director; the bid management tool of WebTrends. This tool manages huge campaigns automatically.

True complexity of paid search
What’s a complex campaign? Is that just a campaign with 1,000's of keywords in different match types or is that a campaign with multiple ad texts and landing pages? Well??
Let's just combine all these things together and you can imagine how complicated a campaign can become.... read more

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SES Amsterdam: Using the long tail effectively

Tue 17 March 2009 16:15, Jeffrey Bleijendaal, 1 comment

SES Amsterdam: The Changing Face of Search

Tue 17 March 2009 12:00, Jeffrey Bleijendaal, 1 comment

Start advertising on search engines a.s.a.p.! Or not?

Tue 10 March 2009 08:45, Jeffrey Bleijendaal, 5 comments

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