Portuguese language completes Analytics in Europe

Mon 10 November 2008 23:39, Bas van den Beld

By making Google Analytics available in Portuguese Google has completed getting the tool abailable in all Western European languages. It is now available in Danish, Czech, German, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese and Swedish. These are the main languages used in Western Europe.

Portuguese language completes Analytics in Europe

Bigmouthmedia wins Europcar account

Sun 9 November 2008 20:50, Bas van den Beld

Bigmouthmedia wins Europcar account

Looking for a rental car? Try searching for it, you will have lots of choice. In for example Italy you will now find Hertz at the number one spot. If it's up to Bigmouthmedia in the future you will find Europcar on that spot.

Bigmouthmedia has been hired by Europcar to be their new searchmarketing firm. Managing Director of Bigmouthmedia Lyndsay Menzies was very excited to be signing the car-rental giant: "It's the kind of contract you can really get your teeth into and we're looking forward to meeting it head on."... read more

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Google Forums listens to its users

Sun 9 November 2008 16:08, Bas van den Beld

Google Forums listens to its users

Probably the best way to stay up to date of what's happening in search is (next to following Searchcowboys off course) look at Forums. The forums at Webmasterworld or Seroundtable are worldfamous. Another one off these sources are the Google Forums.

The Google Forums aren't the ultimate source for search marketers, but a usefull resource when it comes to questions regarding Google. The forum-moderators have now taken a look on what the users have had to say and made some changes to the forums.... read more

Now Yahoo wants to and Microsoft doesn’t

Fri 7 November 2008 13:43, Bas van den Beld

Now Yahoo wants to and Microsoft doesn’t

The ‘love affair’ between Microsoft and Yahoo! seemed over when Yahoo declined Microsoft’s final offer off 33$ a share. Then Google stepped in and signed a deal with Yahoo to start selling Google Ad’s with Yahoo search results.

This week Google abandoned the deal with Yahoo and once again Yahoo was a ‘free man’. Much to the disappointment of Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang. At the Web 2.0 summit in Sydney this week he stated: “To this day, I have to say that the best thing for Microsoft to do is to buy Yahoo. I don't think that is a bad idea at all...”. A clear sign of trying to re-open the negotiations one could say? However, Microsoft doesn’t seem interested.... read more

Wikipedia gaining ground in Germany

Thu 6 November 2008 22:28, Bas van den Beld

Wikipedia gaining ground in Germany

Whenever you have a keyword which is also being described on the online encyclopedia Wikipedia you know you have an exta competitor in Google who is not easy to beat.

Most of the time one of the ten results is a wikipedia-result if you search on a single keyword. This is also the case in Germany. Even more: in Germany Wikipedia has gained ground when it comes to being present in the first ten results of Google Germany.... read more

Google kills agreement with Yahoo!

Wed 5 November 2008 17:02, Bas van den Beld, 2 comments

SMX session: SEO for Web 2.0 sites

Wed 5 November 2008 15:10, Bas van den Beld, 1 comment

Tweets on SMX London

Wed 5 November 2008 09:39, Bas van den Beld, 2 comments

Lisa Ditlefsen on European Search Marketing Challenges

Tue 4 November 2008 16:22, Bas van den Beld, 1 comment

Dave Naylor: “SEO is like an artform”

Tue 4 November 2008 12:53, Bas van den Beld, 5 comments

Today and tomorrow: SMX London

Tue 4 November 2008 01:20, Bas van den Beld, 1 comment

The Google Chrome Logo

Sun 2 November 2008 23:11, Bas van den Beld, 5 comments

YouTube adds auto translation to captions

Sun 2 November 2008 22:38, Bas van den Beld, 3 comments

Google is about to take over the world

Sun 2 November 2008 22:13, Bas van den Beld, 3 comments

Google Blogsearch takes on Techmeme

Thu 2 October 2008 14:07, Bas van den Beld, 1 comment

Lucky Search makes you search and win

Wed 1 October 2008 19:52, Bas van den Beld, 1 comment

118 Videos per viewer in the UK

Tue 16 September 2008 15:09, Bas van den Beld, 3 comments

Google bows for EU privacy issues

Tue 9 September 2008 22:14, Bas van den Beld, 22 comments

Mortensen: Webanalytics might dissapear

Thu 12 June 2008 20:23, Bas van den Beld, 0 comments

Kevin Ryan: "There are no simple answers"

Thu 5 June 2008 13:42, Bas van den Beld, 2 comments

SEO Roadshow: unique series of interviews

Thu 5 June 2008 08:36, Bas van den Beld, 2 comments

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