Baidu SEO Tips: continue

Fri 4 May 2012 16:50, Kelly Ge

Baidu SEO Tips: continue

Followed by my article on Baidu sites – a new tip for Baidu SEO, this time I collected some tips on Baidu SEO and present in brief. For SEO, no matter what kind of search engine it is, the basic algorithm remains the same, but in practice, there are lots of differences. I listed a few from my experience.

Hosting in China is the most important factor to decrease the loading time, which directly link to user friendly and effects of marketing. For Baidu, it is also related with ranking.


Number and quality of link is an important factor to influence Baidu ranking, and of course, the links have quantity and quality. Baidu may follow Google to lower its algorithm later, but there will not be any changes in a short period of time.


Many view “content” and  “link” as equal importance on the process of Baidu SEO. I checked sites with lots of high-qualified content. Though many have not fully optimized, most of them can be found on the first page in related keywords.

On Baidu SEO White Paper, it shows that Baidu recognizes 301 Redirect, but in practice, Baidu is not advanced enough to figure out and in most cases, it will index both sites. It is better to not to use it.

The use of Social Media:

I mentioned in the previous article, real-time Weibo (Chinese Twitter) appear in Baidu search result. It is important to manage your social media accounts well, especially for small sites with not much content.

Keyword density:
It is important to control in a proper range, but there is no bottom line on the exact number, 4% or 8% should not be a problem if the keywords are scattered in the well-written content.

Baidu ”like”:
Similar to Google, Baidu launched its “like” button behind the search result. There is no direct influence between the number of “like” and ranking now, but Baidu may include it on the algorithm in the future.

New site: 
Comparing to Google, Baidu is slower in indexing new sites, usually it will take10-15 days to be indexed. But it is in general, if your site is fully optimized and has updates everyday, Baidu spider will crawl the content and favor your site soon.

Of course, there are more to mention. If you have experience or questions, leave a comment, and we can discuss in detail.

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