Microsoft dominates the Chinese OS market

Tue 1 May 2012 17:40, Editors

Microsoft dominates the Chinese OS market

Followed by the figure on the web browser market, the key figure on OS market is also useful. Since an operating system is the most important software that runs on a computer, the information on OS market is important for developers.

This time, I got the figure from Baidu official site. It is the latest data from the first quarter of this year. As the biggest Chinese search engine, Baidu has a large database of active online users, so the data presented is more practical than other research firms.

Market share
The dominate Computer Operation System is from Windows, just like the web browser, which has a share of 97.25%. Windows XP has the biggest share, 77.69%, though it is almost out of date, followed by Windows 7 for 17.87% and Windows Vista for 1.33%. The market share for Mac is 1.13%, which means that Mac still has a long way to go in China. See below:


Trend of market
For Windows XP, users are unbelievable adhere to this version and do not want to switch or upgrade to other versions. It may also prove the assumption I made on the market share for web browser, not so many users are willing to try new software. Once they are used to certain products or interface, they will not change unless being forced to. Another reason cannot be neglected, the pirated or decoded software. If users use those software, they cannot upgrade at all, so it can also be the reason why so many people show extraordinary loyalty to the old version.

For Mac, the market share is improving slowly, but comparing to Windows, its market share is a piece of cake.

*Data is from Baidu, image is from dswebdesigner

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