Baidu sites – a new tip for Baidu SEO

Fri 2 March 2012 14:00, Kelly Ge

Baidu sites – a new tip for Baidu SEO

You can find many articles about “what is important for Baidu SEO” giving you all kinds of tips. Some tips are used by many search engines, and some are from those so-called “Baidu experts”. Lots of tips and conclusions are unreliable and some are even wrong. Today I give all of you one tip, which is new and purely for Baidu – Baidu channels.

Everyone knows that most times, the search results; text or image, map, news, books, music, etc. can give you results based on certain topics. Some feel it is better to split the results, for the web search page should be the place to for the exposure of websites. Baidu recently has the trend to improve its “search friendliness” by launching Open data, and at the same time, put its channels on the top ranking for the convenience of users.

Let’s see some examples first:


By searching “how to go from X to Y”, the first result is from Baidu map. By directly looking at the options for transportation, you get what you want, and will not click on any other results.

For Music part,

You can find “listen online” or “download” below the search result.

And even as a use of dictionary:

Now you know how Baidu is trying to promote its own channels. If it is relevant, the Baidu result or its open data profile does always come first.

Since Baidu tries hard to promote its own channels under the name of “search friendly”, it is important to claim your position in relevant Baidu channels to please Baidu. That is quite valuable for SEOers. If you are interested, you can try and see the result.

Want to know more tips? Wait for the next post!

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