Baidu heatmap

Fri 20 January 2012 11:28, Kelly Ge

Baidu heatmap

There is nothing special about heatmap. You can easily find one and use it for your site, and many like it, for it is easy to get an idea on browsing behavior of visitors. Besides the colorful picture, it seems heatmap cannot provide more information. Well, Baidu has the application – Baidu heatmap, combined the image and data, and you will have a clear view for visitors.

Below is what you see from Baidu heatmap:


Different colors represent the volumn of clicks, and the data shows in column in the heatmap reveals the features of visitors and the CTR of each link on site.

Now I will explain the use of heatmap:

  1. Visualize the stream of visitors.
  2. The data in column shows the source of visitor
  3. Check the CTR on each link
  4. The wrong clicks on site

Normally, what we see from heatmap is only the spread of color. Cooler colors such as blue and green get less clicks. Warmer colors get the most clicks. But what Baidu offers is in an advanced mode, you can get more in one picture, which is far more easily.

Sometimes, visitors may wrongly click on some images, content that does not have link, which might be the problem of the site design. For example, poepole tend to click on the photo of product, and no link on the photo may make visitors feel difficult to find more information. They may leave the site and go to your competitors. So if there are some clicks on the wrong place, apparently the site is not user friendly and may lose potential customers. With the help of heatmap, site can be improved and lead for a better conversion.

How to setup Baidu heatmap:

Baidu heatmap is an application in Baidu analytics. You can get it FOR FREE. If you can install Baidu analytics, you can ask Baidu to start this application, or you can contact me by posting comments below, I can help you on that.

*All information is from Baidu

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