Baidu index -- Baidu keyword analysis tool

Tue 19 April 2011 15:13, Kelly Ge

Baidu index -- Baidu keyword analysis tool

Baidu index is used for keywords research and monitoring search trends in China. You can check the "media exposure" and "users concern" on certain keyword in the past 30 days. The data provided is generated from the search queries on Baidu. It offers the latest search behavioral and concern of customers under search queries since June 2006. Since Baidu is the biggest search engine in China, the data it provided is reliable for the use of content optimization, and can represent the trend of market.

Below is an over view on Baidu index.

A. List of index: the tendency on the rate of users concern and media concern sorted out by week, month and quarter.
B. The change of key index in diagram.

Here shows the trend of user concern (above) and media concern (middle).
C. Related news under search query
D. Competition of related keywords
E. Geographic distribution
F. Demographic distribution

Demographic distribution of users, sorted out by gender, age, career and education. From the diagram, you can get a quick insight on the possible targeting groups, which is extremely useful for those who do not know much about the market. Companies can also use it for marketing strategies and form the best way to approach potential customers.
G. Advanced search
You can compare the result with two or more keywords, or with locations, and time period.

The use for SEO:

  1. According to the information on index, you can analysis and decide which keywords to use to reach the targeting audience.
  2. Since Baidu index updates everyday, monitor the trend of certain keywords is useful for content of web pages.

The value of Baidu index:

  1. Open search provides you the latest information on search market.
  2. Trace and predict the hottest issue on the press.
  3. Sort out the market differences from regions.
  4. Marketers can use the keywords information to trace the behavioral of consumers, and integrate with the current marketing strategies

Since Baidu is the largest Chinese search engine, it is unnecessary to doubt about the authority of data. Do you think Baidu index worth to use? Want to try? Start your experience on! If you need in-depth analysis, I can help you. Comments are more than welcom. Tell me what you think!

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Comments (11)


  • it is very helpful for all.

    Zo 6 nov 2011, 15:50

  • Hi, thank you for sharing such knowledge.

    I am currently doing research on investors' behaviour and would like to use historical data on Baidu index. Is there any way to download the data into excel file? For example, I want to know the daily index for a keyword in the past 5 years.


    Di 12 nov 2013, 03:03

  • Informative share! It's really helpful! thanks!

    Wo 13 nov 2013, 09:21

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    I think other will benefited from it.

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