How to improve Baidu quality score

Wed 16 February 2011 16:48, Kelly Ge

How to improve Baidu quality score

Baidu gives each keyword in campaigns a quality score. The quality score does not have much impact on the biding price, effectiveness of ads and ROI, but mostly decides where your ads can be shown. Keywords with higher quality score will most likely appear on the left side, while a low quality score can only make ads appear on the right side. 

Normally ads in the top 5 on the left and top 2 on the right side are most likely to attract the attention of Baidu visitors. The left side draws more attention than the ads on the right side, so advertisers need to ensure that their ads appear on the left side of Baidu search.
The quality score of Baidu has three levels, using stars to indicate the quality level of a certain keyword. Higher quality ranking (namely two to three stars) are most likely to appear on the left side, while a lower score (one star, see example below) can only make ads appear on the right side.


Which factors influence the quality score?

  • Relevance of keywords

Just as with Google, keywords and ads should be highly related to the destination URL.

  • Ads coherent

Ads should be coherent and correct in grammar. It is easy to write complete sentences during ads creation, but when keyword insertion is used it is difficult to guarantee the coherence of ads. Baidu values the user experience and visitors will seldom click on the ads with apparent grammar mistakes. This is a linguistic issue so I will not say a lot in detail.

  • Relevance of keywords with ads

All ads in the adgroup should have the same meaning.

  • Bidding price

The bidding price of each keyword should be at least higher than the minimal requirement.

  • Search volume and CTR of keywords

Search volume, impression and CTR can add up to influence the quality score. Keywords with higher CTR can get a high quality score. Of course, the bidding price are sure to be high for keywords with high search volumn.

  • The performance of the whole account


If all the campaigns in your account have a good performance (mainly on the CTR) it will affect the quality score for all keywords.

How to improve the quality score?

  • Keywords insertion on ads

Keywords insertion is a very important factor in influencing the Baidu quality score. Baidu prefers keyword insertion to occur in the title and both lines of text.

  • Create new adgroups for low qualified keywords

Remove all the keywords under an adgroup with low quality score and move them to a new adgroup, and write specific ads for those keywords.

  • Smaller adgroup

Put less keywords in each adgroup. Ideally the number of keywords should be less than 30. Write at least two relevant ads in one adgroup.

  • Attractive ads creation

Use punctuation such as “?” or “!” to draw the attention of viewers. Put a few easy English letters in ads; this will be very eye-catching on the Chinese page.

Be cautious; do not put English keywords and ads on Baidu. Not many users will click them and the clicks for English ads may simply be caused by curiosity. Baidu never states that English ads will have a lower quality score, but the possible low click-through-rate will eventually affect the quality score. The purpose of a campaign is for marketing, promotion or sales, and nobody want to waste money.

The quality score can not be improved very quickly. After running the campaign for a certain period of time the quality score will improve gradually with more clicks or improved performance of the account.

*Some tips for the improvement of quality score are from

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