General introduction on Baidu products

Thu 21 October 2010 15:08, Kelly Ge

General introduction on Baidu products

As mentioned before Baidu has some products that are similar to what Google offers but it also has several that are unique. Baidu is expanding its product offering and many new products can not be managed from the general customer account. But no matter how many products it has, paid search and display network are still the main focus and cash cow for Baidu.

All Baidu products can be divided into 3 categories: paid search, display network and other products.

  • Paid search

Ads are shown in different formats at the top right, bottom right and left. Media expense is charges by ads performance and paid per click, which is the same as Google. Below is an example:


  • Display network:

The Baidu display network consists of 350 thousand third-party highly-qualified websites and software providers, and ads can be shown on those websites in different forms. This adds up to 5 billion exposures in total.


  • Other products

          1. Brand-link

The brand-link is a fixed-price product and includes an eye-catching brand logo (a big logo shown either on the top left or on the right side), a company introduction, and tailored content. The brand-link has a great visual impact to audiences and is obviously a quick way for branding. Of course companies would pay a higher price for this service and Baidu will carefully review all companies and products.


          2. Fixed ranking (right side & fixed price):

A fixed-ranking is an advertisements with a fixed position for a certain keyword (one or two at most). The ads acquired by certain keywords will only be shown on the right side. All remaining ads on the right are normal CPC ads.

Because of the high price of fixed-rank ads this product is only suited for companies with a single product offering. And since Baidu expands the positions for ads on the left side (which draws much more attention than the right side), the use of this product is not attractive to most companies.


          3. Picture promotion (fixed ranking & price):

A picture promotion is similar to fixed-ranking: a picture ad is shown on a fixed position at the top left of the Baidu image search results.


          4. Relevant ads: ads displayed in Baidu applications at the top right

A relevant ad is an advertisement that appears inside a Baidu application (postbar, music download, encyclopedia etc.) depending on the context of the activity. Relevant ads are a very recent addition to Baidu; they do not yet provide much informaton about the details of this product. 

The Baidu ad management platform can not manage campaigns on any of these "other" products, so you will need to contact Baidu to set them up. I can help you with this, and I can also help you with Baidu paid search and display network campaigns. Contact me at if you need any help. 

I will provide detailed information on paid search and display network ads (such as the calculation of CPC, how to format ads, campaign settings, etc.) in a later post.

*All pictures and product details are from

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Comments (7)


    • Guy

    Hi Kelly!

    Just ran accross your article, while I was looking for more info on Baidu advertising. Thank you for your contribution!

    I was wondering, since Baidu doesnt have an EN interface, do they still accept english text in the ads? Or do they only accept Chinese in the search ads ?

    Thank you again!

    Za 26 feb 2011, 12:39

    • Kelly

    Hi Guy, Baidu do accept English ads, so the english text in ads will be OK, but the majority of the targeting audience can not understand the meaning, which will affect the performance of campaign. I suggest not to put english text in ads.

    Di 1 mrt 2011, 10:10

  • Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for your article. Was researching on Baidu products for quite some time.. having trouble with translation when trying to gather information from their site.

    Your post helps a lot.


    - Ian

    Do 1 sep 2011, 13:37

    • Kelly

    Hi Ian,

    Glad to see that the article helps. Baidu is still local oriented, though they are trying to expand globally. If you are interested, we can discuss later. You can reach me:

    Ma 5 sep 2011, 13:45

    • hao love

    Ma 21 sep 2015, 16:17

    • Jeff

    Ma 21 sep 2015, 20:58

    • Steve

    Ma 28 sep 2015, 09:52


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